Be good to your ears!

My ears have become so sensitive since I have tinnitus. Every loud noice and certain sounds just really hurt. So going out or concerts seem impossible. Even when I am on the street the honking really bothers me. And as you know there is soooooo much more.

So important is to avoid what is hurting our hears or to protect us from it.

For a long, I would say for a too long time, I just tried to avoid everything that didn´t feel good in my ears. But….then what are you left with? Staying at home and watching TV. Not a whole lot more.

And of course there are alternatives!

Let´s start with music. I love music , it puts me in a good mood and it is just great listening to your favorite songs, right?

Right, but even when you are not thinking about going to a concert you have to think about ear protection! I have worn ear buds for years now…or is it decades? Well, you see….for a long time!

Then I a while ago  I read an old article from the Huffington Post that those kind of headphones are really bad. They say as it is put directly into the ear tunnel it causes the ear drum to vibrate. That in combination with listening to too loud music for a longer period of time makes them dangerous.
They also say that earbuds users usually really crank up the music or audio, because they can’t cancel the outside noises.

At first I wasn´t sure if I should believe it, but after researching it I found a bunch of similar articles.
So I went out and bought regular headphones and I realized that it was true. The outside noises are so much quieter just by putting them on.

But then I realized that there was even an better option! 
Noise-cancelling headphones! 
They have the same benefits as the other ones plus you can tune out the outside noises meaning you almost can’t hear anything that is going on if it is not too loud. And you get to enjoy your music or audio at a much lower volume. 
Plus you can focus on it instead of being annoyed by others. Just watch out when you use them when you are part of traffic, those car noises will be blocked out too…

Now let´s go to the most obvious topic. Earplugs!

Yes, earplugs have become so important in my life! They shouldn´t only be important for me. They should be important in everyone´s life, but I remember back in the day when I didn´t have tinnitus – I didn´t mind loud music and would have never thought about wearing ear protection.

With earplugs it is possible to do so many more things! You can go to concerts and you can go to other places, where it usually would be to loud.

For that of course you can´t use the regular foam earplugs. You need earplugs with a special filter. So that not just everything is quiet and you sit there to enjoy your T. Now, these kind of earplugs make if of course quieter and more bearable, but the music quality doesn´t get affected and you still can have converstations.

But it is not just about music!

You can always wear them when you want – not just at a concert or at a bar. Take them with you everywhere and whenever something bothers you, put them in. It is such a big help!

There are of course different suppliers, I personally only had alpine and I´m very happy with it. I just got these hearplugs through their campaign:

I think it is great that they try to help people with tinnitus and to raise awareness to prevent it from happening.

What ever company you choose, protect your ears!! No reason to make our situation worse….we already got tinnitus.

Don’t forget to watch my video about ear plugs 


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