Your Tinnitus Likes and Dislikes

You have probably noticed that I´m on a kind of selfdiscovery right now.

Why and how is that connected with tinnitus?!

You migh ask yourself. I can only say – it is connected. Your tinnitus has many likes as well as dislikes and it reacts according to them.

So of course what do we have to do?

We have to get to know our tinnitus and getting to know our tinnitus means getting to know ourselves!

If you know what triggers your tinnitus and what calms it down, what makes you almost forget about it and what causes a spike….then you can act accordingly. And your life will be so much easier.

That can be done by observing the tinnitus and writing your observations down. Like I wrote in my journaling post. That way you can keep track of your ear ringing and get a better sense of what it is reacting to.

Read about it here:

So why should we get to know ourselves better if it can be tracked so easily?

I think tinnitus, at least if it is not noise induced goes much deeper. It is much more personal and goes all the way down in the unconscious mind.

Why I think that?

I have had my tinnitus for 8 years and it has flared up and spiked so often I can´t even begin to tell you. And many times I got really frustrated beacause I thought that I was taking care of my ears and my health so well and how could it still not be enough?

It wasn´t enough because I wasn´t taking care of my mental health.

I have been a people pleaser almost all my life and because of that I have a really hard time saying NO . . . or expressing my anger towards people. I just swallow all my anger down, my frustration and what I would like to do, because there is no time for my things being bussy doing things for others or doing things in a way others want it done.

So finding that out wasn´t that hard – for that I didn´t really need to start a self-discovery journey. But where is that coming from and how can I break through that and be at peace with myself?

I think that is the key! A lot of times, when I feel like I´m doing again too many things because I didn´t want to say no – my tinnitus spikes!

It happens in more situations and I still have got some work to do to analyze or rather identify all those situations.

How I´m working on getting to the source of that behavior and changing it, is something I have written about a lot. I try to meditate at least 5 minutes everyday, I do yoga daily and I work with affirmations. Also, I read a lot about those things and about finding to oneself.

Check out the books I´m reading here:

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