Your tinnitus is limiting your going out options? Choose the right place!

Choosing the right place is really important to feel comfortable when going out. Because of my tinnitus I feel uncomfortable at so many places, so a lot of times I just dont´t go out.

The other day, I went to have coffee with a client. As she didn´t accept my suggestion for a café, I let her choose. I didn´t think a lot about it, but regreted it a few moments later.

Why, you ask?

We went into a nice looking café, apparently we weren´t the only ones thinking it looked nice, it was packed. On top of it, the tables were close together….I mean really close, I could have reached over and have a sip of the coffee from the people next to us. If that weren´t enought they also played music.

My body and my intuition wanted to leave screaming already….but as it was a business meeting, I didn´t want to seem weird or rude. So I stayed and tried to make a nice conversation.

What conversation?

I don´t know, I heard the girl next to us talking to her boyfriend about their problems on one side, on the other side there was a guy talking on his phone with a friend and then you could hear the people at the bar talking to each other about the orders…the radio was belting out a song and my head was spinning.

My client? Totally normal of couse, she talked and talked and talked….I think. At least her mouth was moving. I tried to concentrate on what she was saying, I leaned in….I asked her to repeat…I got maybe a third of what she was saying. Then as usual I just gave up and nodded and smiled.

Back at home I thought, wow I am not going to do that again. I just stay at home and I have no desire to go out.

Wait! That´t can´t be it!

My tinnitus can´t dictate my life, it has a big influence on my life without doubt but I still can make the best of it. One important part is, that I choose where I go with friends, with clients or rather everytime I go out.

I have to let them know why I want to go to certain places and then usually people never say no, or even have a better idea.

Places which a quiet, don´t have too loud music and where the other people are not too close or which are normally not too full.

Going out doesn´t have to be frustrating!

When you choose the right place, going out can be fun, you can enjoy the company of others and not miss out on the fun. Just don´t be afraid to ask others to go somewhere where you want to go.

Of course you have to adjust a little bit, you won´t be going on a disco tec or something, but nice quiet places are better than staying at home all the time.

With earplugs a lot more is possible….

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