Your Tinnitus Is Calling – So Listen

Not sure if I believe it or not, my holistic healer said that my earringing is a call of attention from by body that it doesn´t get something which I desperately need.

It is a sign to change, to re-evalute and to find out what I really want and need.

You know how it goes…I usually get sucked into daily routines and forget to take care of myself properly, to slow down sometimes and to take myself important….I even loose sight of my goals and intentions.

Not only that, if I am not wrapped up in day to day chores I am more than occupied with my tinnitus situation and forget everything else. I don´t mean occupied in a good way, with looking for solutions or something similar no…I mean with feeling sorry for myself and asking why it had to be me and what I did to deserve that.

I am in my head….my thoughts just spinning in circles and circles….

So let´s just say my body is trying to talk to me, trying to tell me what it needs. Should I not listen? Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

It is hard to listen when you are distracted by all that peeping, but even if it doesn´t work out in the end, I am sure it can just be beneficial to take some time for yourself, to breath and to enjoy.

So in order to find out what my inner self wants or needs, I try to take it slow, take time for myself and to just be. I try to take breaks once in a while to do nothing or to do something just for me like having a beer outside, to read a book, to watch a tv series, to just lay down and rest, to meditate, to take a walk…..and so on.

Every minute is worth being lived and I will make sure to make the best of it. It is not that important what you do, the important part is how you look at it.

No matter if I just want to stay in bed, do yoga, go out with friends, enjoy nature on my own or if I watch a movie. When I don´t look as it as a waste of time it isn´t, when I honor the time I need for myself, then these are very precious moments. What could be better than doing what is good for me at that moment and what I enjoy? No judging what that might be, if I like it and if it feels good it is good.

I accept myself and my life.

To be able to listen, you need to slow down and be with only yourself, not be distracted the whole time. So stop judging yourself and just enjoy some time with yourself to find out what you need, what your desires are and what you want.

Do what you feel like, without questioning it. I try to do the right thing, to be there for others and to fit in…but what do I want? That is the question.

Forget the others, forget social standarts and just think about yourself for a change and ignore what others might think or what is expected of you….just be and do what you feel like.




Just Be.

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