YogaMOOC week 6 – observation of interpersonal interactions, goal reflection and course reflection

Week 6 of the yoga MOOC was strange for me, I felt sort of disconected to the course, but on the positive side it seemd like I finally had my rountine down.

This week we had to practice our awareness during a social interaction. It was supposed to be during two conversations but I am sure I overserved it in more, we also had to reflect on your course goal and on the course itself, what we took away from it.

Let´s start with social interactions
  1. How well am I listening?

Oh my, why did I ever think that I was a good listener? I listen a little bit and then my mind wanders or I think about what I want say, what I think about it, something similar that had happened to me.

  1. Am I really listening or am I thinking of the next thing I’m going to say?

I think it might have been half, half, which still seems too much of not listening.

  1. What are my body sensations as I listen?

I thought at least in the past I was. It depends, a little restless when I´m not able to show my side of the story. Otherwise I notice my tinnitus as a big hurddle, so I seem to focus on my ears a lot.

Also depending on what the person tells me, it evoces really strong emotional reactions – I think I´m very empathetic, if I really listen and get the feeling of the other person.

  1. Can I allow time for and be comfortable with moments of silent pause?

Silent pauses are very difficult for me, it is really hard for me to let them happen and most of the time I start talking, filling the pause. I know I need to let it happen and give other people the time they might need.

  1. Am I really seeing them?

I´d say that is also half – half. I seems like my mind is just so bussy all the time. Not that I´m not interessted in what my friends have to say or in them generally, my mind just keeps spinning those cycles.

So that is another reason why I need to finally live in the present moment and stop my mind from spinning.

The second tast was to reflect again on our goals.
  1. Do you feel like to have achieved your goal? Why or why not?

My overall goal, to find my inner self…no. Because I don´t feel closer to myself and still am looking. But I feel like I´m on the right path and I´m closer and closer.

  1. Do you think this goal setting practice could be used in other areas of your life?

I think it should. If you have a goal, it is so easy to work toward something and you stay on top of your intentions and small goals and to know and be able to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

  1. What is the one thing about the goal process you think worked best for you? What is the one thing about the goal process you would change?

I would add if it for some real reason not works out one day, that it‘s not the end of the world. I seem to get too tense about my goals and if I´m travelling all day long I just couldn´t do yoga sometimes and it made me feel really stressed and bad. I want to be ok with life and how life just goes sometimes.

It worked for me really well that I not only set my goals in my head, that I wrote them down.


Talking about this course


  • What did you learn?

I learned so many things! It is hard to put it into words, I loved all the lectures and guest interviews as well as the additional information! I´m not done reading the additional reading material, but I downloaded it and will print it, to be able to read it calmly.

I think the most important things I learned where how to live a mindful life, filled with awareness and self-compassion. I mean I learned about it, now I´m trying slowly to put it into action.

Also the information about stress and how it affects the body was really interessting and helpful. I think the chart we had to make about the course content, shows everything I learned from this course.

  • What stayed with you?

Like I said I think the most important part for me where the topics minduflness and awareness. So basically living in the now and living in a state of being aware of that is happening around me as well as inside my body without getting sucked into the emotions and feelings.

I hope to be able to live that way. . . . soon!

  • What are your goals going forward?

My goals are practicing yoga still everyday and doing short meditations everyday. Also I want to read more on the covered topics, I want to do more the practices provided on self-compassion and the practiced provided by Dr. Dan Sigl, practicing the wheel of awareness. I also started reading the book „The Power of Now“ by Eckhart Tolle and hope it helps me fullfill my over all goal which I´m still trying to fullfill – finding my true inner self.

Also I think I need to be keep my journal again to keep track of my progress and my feelings on the way.

  • How will you stay connected to a community?

I know whe just had how being connected and having meaningful relationships, how important that is. I myself like to read about things, write about them and do little practices, however I don´t like discussing them through conversations on the computer with people I don´t even know. So that is not for me. I think I prefer talking to friends about it and taking part is serveral courses, I´ll be doing a 10 day yoga retreat in February and I think that will really be beneficial for me and my progress.



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