YogaMooc Week 4 – Off Switch, Common Humanity, Mindfulness

Wow, week four just flew by! Now there are just two weeks left of the course and that makes me really sad, I have learned a lot although I feel like I´m not able to include everything in my daily life because there is just so much information.

It is super interessting and I absorb the lectures on the first day because the info you get it just good and informative.

But then, including those things into your daily life is just not as easy as I thought. There are so many thing and the day seems not long enough for that.

Saying that I have to think about my meditation course I´m doing and there it says that it is just a matter of making time, organizing your time and avoiding distractions or time robbing activities or things.


This week the journal assignment was about:
  • The Off Switch
  • Exploring Common Humanity
  • Practicing Mindfulness with Your Course Goal


Let´s start with my goal:
  1. How might the practice of paying attention to the present moment, with openness and non-judgment, play into attaining your course goal?

As my main or over all goal is to find my inner self, I think it can only be found when focusing on the now and accepting myself without jundging. I don´t think I can find my true self in the past nor in the future.

But I think it will only show it´s face when I´m open to receive the message and when I´m ready to meet it with a non- judgmental attitude. Not I´m not sure if I´m there yet and I realised that I´m in the past and future almost all the time.

Also I think showing myself a little more self-compation might play into the picture. So I need to train myself in that too.

  1. Have you noticed that mindfulness has played a role in this goal process? If so, how?

It has played a role as fas as my daily goals are meditating and doing yoga…which is realising mindfulness in itself. I´m just not as good at it yet, as my mind wonders off after a few minutes and and can´t say very focused yet. I really hope it improves! I sometimes feel like I can already feel what I really want, but those are quick moments and then I´m not sure if it was that or just me thinking again.


Now let´s do talk about exploring common humanity.
Besides living in the moment it is important to root any source of recurring and underlying stress. So for that we got the task to write down 3 limiting beliefs about ourrselves (don´t over analyze).

+ feelings, thoughts, emotions that could correlate with each one

+ a corresponding new way of being + imagine it and write down the feelings


So for me,  the three limiting beliefs are:

  1. I can´t do this

Correlating thoughs, feelings, emotions: I always fail, I never finish something, I´m not smart enough, I´m not fit enough, I´m not fast enough…you are 32 years old and still haven´t anything to show for, that won´t change. –> shame

  1. It won´t work out

Correlating thoughs, feelings, emotions: I never have luck, Things always work agains me, Others will do better, I don´t have enough money, I don´t have enough time. –> anger

  1. You are not good enough

Correlating thoughs, feelings, emotions: You are not consistent enough, you are not smart enought, you don´t know enough about it, you are not fit enough, you are not healthy enough. –> shame and anger


A corresponding new way of being?

I´m not sure, maybe I wrote down too general beliefs, but I think these are the most limiting ones. They are very similar and I think go back to the same root.

So I would put the new way of being:

I´m confident in my own abilities and skills.

I reach my set goals by realizing small steps toward it.

I´m the best way I can be right now and that is enough.


Use this for a meditation/visualization reboot practice (30 min.) : 10 observe your body, 20 visualize one of the 3 situations with your new way
Meditation/ Visualization experience:

Imagining that I don´t get brought down by the opinion of others and by the words of others because I feel great about myself and believe in myself.

It made me feel great and strong, standing tall and not just accepting what others say or think about me, but not caring or just not accepting and including negative comments about me.

I felt like I could conquer the world and be my own man.

My back felt straight, looking forward and not down and I was taking deep long breaths while taking big steps and making big and slow gestures.

It was an awesome feeling!


The off-switch
List of common occurrences in your day that invoke stress + body´s sensations

Create your own personal statement of intention

Create off switch protocol (one, notice body sensations; two, deep breaths; three, tune into surroundings; repeat)

Write down experience with it
  1. The feeling to have too many responsibilities – it makes me feel restless and not focusing on one task completly.
  2. Too many peope in the city – I miss country life. I get super angry and frustrated, I get in the mood of punching people. Body sensation – not sure where I can feel it, I guess more in my gut and tension in the head and neck.


My off switch protocol:
  1. Notice how I feel and where I feel it
  2. Breath in and out a few times, really deeply
  3. Notice 5 things around me I can see, notice 5 things around me I can feel
  4. Breath again
  5. Repeat if necessary



I need practice! I have tried it serveral times but (when I remembered to do it), it was just not working that well yet. I tried it but I was too deep in the feeling as that I could snap out of it. I mean when I wasn´t too deep in the feeling yet, I recognized how the breathing already helped and it prevented me from acting too impulsive.


In general:

I love the exercises, but I need to practice them. My main problem seems to be focusing on one thing for a longer period of time. I always feel like I need to do more things at the same time to be really productive and I thing that lead to not being able to focuse on one thing anymore.

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