Yoga Mooc – Week 3 Reflecting on Your Goal “I think I have a good goal”

The third week of my yoga course at edx flew right by and I just love it – I love the information you get and the impulses it gives.

This weeks journal assignment is to reflect on the set goal.

Why is your goal important to you? Will it be personally meaningful for you to reach your goal?

I have thought about this for a while and I think it is important to me because of my overall goal, I feel like I have been searching without knowing how to or what exactly to search. I am looking for true inner self and that is just something that I need.

Reaching that goal will be a dream coming true basically because I finnaly could live in peace without having to search further, just concentrating on my life and the NOW.

Do you notice anything about your goal that you want to change? Does it need to be more specific? Does it need to be more aligned with your values? Maybe you’re pleased with your goal and it’s working out well for you. Journal about this experience and modify your goal as necessary.

I think my overall goal is perfect for me, is has been my goal for so long or rather why I have been so restless all those years. I finally want to arrive, arrive within me.

My daily and weekly goals, doing yoga and meditating are great or that goal and they help me stay calm and manage my day to day tasts and to manage my life with tinnitus.

I still struggle a little with establishing a fixed routine, but I hope that I get it down soon! Also, I think being to strict about is isn´t good either, when I missed a day because I was away for the whole it was really difficult. Of course I set those goals so that I do yoga every day and that I meditate every day, but I am sure if I miss one day due to work or another good reason (like leaving the house at 8 am and coming back at 11 pm) I shouldn´t beat myself up about it either. So I´m trying to be more patient with myself and not getting too serious on the goal but still trying to achieve it.

Otherwise I am totally happy with my goals and hope I can reach them. With the routine, I am very satisfied and feel like I really helps me to do yoga that regularily. Meditation, well I still get distracted after a really short while, hoping it gets better soon!

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