Yoga Mooc – Week 2 Awakening and Monitoring

The second week of my course at edX “The Science and Practice of Yoga” has past.

Important change already

This week as been a game-changer for me already….or let´s say a kickstart at least.

For this course you have to watch video lectures and do on-the-mat assignments, but also off-the-mat assignments. I like the combination, it is informative as well as practical even though it is online.

For the off-the-mal assignment the participants have to journal about these topics, which have been discused in the lectures or introduced in the assignment itself:

  • Awakening to Habits
  • Wiring in the Pause
  • Monitoring Your Goal
Awakening to Habits

So let´s start with “Awakening to Habits”, it is about observing ourselves to get self-control over our time and to be able to form new habitis we need to be aware of our current habits.

The task was to write a commitment in order to stay on top of this, mine read like this: “I am devoted to myself and to get to know inner self, forming new habits to get there requires me to be aware of my lifestyle right now.”

Digital Age

This week´s topic was about the digital age and I have always thought that I am not very involved in all that. That I am aware that a lot of people are online all the time, but that I am not one of them. And wow…was I wrong, discovered that I am.

I noticed that everytime I am not doing something in particular, I pick up my cel and I do that for no specific reason. Just flipping through facebook or instagram.

Also I noticed when I am working on the computer, I do that all the time. Maybe not on my computer, but also on my computer or on both mediums. My habitual use is astronomical high, while my intentional use wouldn´t be that high or at least not that frequent.

Sometimes I was even aware of it and then still checked my phone, like I´m obsesed. I had this desire within me that really wanted it. Why? I am not sure. There was no reason for it.

Wiring in the Pause

The other task was to take a few deep breaths before really checking the phone, so to take a break and make sure you really need it. This was actually harder than obersving because inside my head I stared to have these conversations like a mother with a teenager: „Just a little bit, please!“ and me trying to resist. Not everytime I was able to do it, but I am certain over time I will. It is just crazy that I thought I would not be that way, maybe I wasn´t in the past, but now I definitely am.

Also I will continue doing this, because I am shocked how many times I am checking my facebook, instagram, e-mail or other stuff on the internet even though I am really working on something else.

Digital Age and Tinnitus

That was really interesting and certainly has changed my awareness, but the game-changer was that I decided to not have the constant background noise on.

To overtone my tinnitus I am contstantly watching a tv-show called Gilmore Girls. I put it on as soon as I get home and then I have it on until I leave the house again. No matter what I do, I have it on. It has helped me a great deal, as I don´t focuse on my tinnitus, I am distracted and a lot of times don´t even think about it. I love that show and know I guess every word by now, so it is just something on that I don´t have to watch…it really is just something in the background.

Well, at least that is what I thought. Turns out that it is a lot more. Some scenes I just had to see, so I stoped what I was doing to see that specific scene. That takes my focus of what I am doing and shows that it is not just background noise….I am listening. Not really focusing on what I am doing.

Realising that I decided not to put it on as my background noise, I put on different sounds, like waterfall or raining sounds. And I noticed that I live in that fictional world, I think about the characters and how they behaved and why and so on…as if they were real people. It not only distracted me from my tinnitus, it distracted me from my life. I didn´t think about me or what was going on in my life, wel of course I did…but I spent a great deal of time thinking about that fictional word…as if I would live in it. Maybe it is what I would want…there is nothing new. Everthing is planed out…but it is not real.

So as I am not watching it, I feel more centered and more focused on my life and me….what is happening inside me.

Monitoring Your Goals

The third part says to monitor your goal.

I had set these goals for this six week course:

  1. I want to meditate more regularily. I just didn´t find time lately and have been frustrated with it, as it has´t worked out the way I wanted it to yet. So learing about that more is one of my goals.
  2. Learn more about yoga and how to apply a yogi lifestyle.
  3. Do yoga every day and right, not just the workout programs.
  4. Getting centered, find myself and….but I guess that is more vague. That is my over-all goal.

So it is more about reaching goal one to three.

I feel like my weekly and daily goals are every day the same. They talked about how important it is to messure your goals and to set goals that are messureable, similar to what I wrote here:

So for this course daily I will:

  1. do yoga everyday in the morning before I go to work. For that I am doing a class from Yoga with Adriene and I will do my meditation-course before I go to work.

Weekly I will:

  1. do this online-course regularily. Everyday at night before I go to bed I do a little bit and what I don´t get done during the week I´ll complete on the weekends.

I feel good about this and I can feel I am on the right journey! Thank you for taking me on it!

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