Yoga MOOC – Week 1 Setting Goals

I signed up to this online course on edX: The Science and Practice of Yoga

Why did I sign up?

I have practiced yoga for a few years now. Never that regularily, but latley I am practicing almost daily. During my practice I noticed that I always wanted to do the more demandin classes only, like a workout. So I saw it as an addition to my workout. I rarley did the last part in Shavasana, as I thought: why?

Then I just started last week with the Yoga Revolution video series from Yoga with Adriene, I started realising more and more that I left out the most important part of yoga and that I didn´t really “do” yoga, that I picked out one part of yoga . . . the physical part and left out the other parts. But yoga seems to be so complex and helpful for body and mind and for finding your center. Which I have looking for, well. . .forever.

After watching the videos of the first week of this course I knew that I was on the right track, that I had to dive deeper and find out more about yoga and its philosophy. I feel that is what I want and what I NEED.

But what is my goal for this course?

  1. I want to meditate more regularily. I just didn´t find time lately and have been frustrated with it, as it has´t worked out the way I wanted it to yet. So learing about that more is one of my goals.
  2. Learn more about yoga and how to apply a yogi lifestyle.
  3. Do yoga every day and right, not just the workout programs.

I think that is what I am mainly looking for.

oh and…

4. Getting centered, find myself and….but I guess that is more vague. That is my over-all goal.

So I am looking forward to what the course brings and will do one of the guided meditations of Dr. Dan Siegel:

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