Yoga for a strong middle and to find balance in your life

A strong middle is about the Navel point and not the Belly Botton, it is said to be the source of all energy and power.

“The navel point is sometimes misunderstood, but it is the most active point in the entire body. This is what the scriptures say. Human grows to life (in the womb) without the breath of life (because the praana comes from the mother) through the navel point. The only energy you had was at the navel point. That is why we stimulate the navel. In Kundalini Yoga there are two points that we stir up: one is the pituitary and the other is the navel point.” Yogi Bhajan

In Kundalini Yoga it is said to do the same Kriya for 40 days in a row in order to unfold its true benefits and power.

I hope this Kriya helps you in a way it has helped me! To find to my inner power and to find balance! Your navel point in Kundalini Yoga is located approximately two inches below your belly button. It is said to be directly connected to the Sacral Chakra, aka Manipura. The navel point is said to be the point where 72,000 nerve endings come together.

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Navel Adjustment Kriya by Yogi Bhajan

The inner ear has three bones. There are two bones and one hammer on both sides. What I say, you don’t hear. The center of understanding in our body’s nervous system is controlled by the navel point. So your eyes, ears, tongue, and throat are controlled by the navel point. Whatever you hear, whatever you see, and whatever you say is controlled by this navel point. If the navel point pulse is felt a little above the navel point, it means diarrhea. If it is a little below, constipation. If it is on the left side, gas. If it is on the right, burp. And all it has to be off is one millimeter. If the navel point is one millimeter off, your entire digestive system, your feelings–you are not you. – Yogi Bhajan