Writing about your tinnitus trouble can have a therapeutic effect!

Some people say it makes their tinnitus worse thinking about it too much. So you might think reading or writing about your ear ringing could make you focus on it more and so more noticeable again. But it actually is the opposite.

Have you ever keept a journal or diary?

I started writing a diary when I was 14 years old. Back then it was more about how unfair I felt treated by my parents and school problems. Over time I wrote my diary less and less. For some reason I stopt at some point.

I recently picked it up again. At first I felt a little rusty, didn´t know what to write or how to put it. I thought that the diary writing times had past and it was more for kids or teenagers.

As I was close to give up, I remembered why I loved writing my diary. It just helps me dump my thoughts. You probably know that negative cycle you get into, not able to leave it and the same thoughts circling around in your head over and over and over again.

These thoughts are usually a cause to get caught up in the tinnitus spiral. https://thetinnituslife.com/2017/07/24/tinnitus-spiral/

Dump your thoughts!

So like I said, just dump your thoughts, fears, anger and everything else you are feeling or thinking. Once it is out…..it is out and your thoughts won´t circle around the same topic anymore. Your head will be free, free for new thoughts, hopefully positive thoughts.

I noticed that it is important to write things down just the way you think them. First, I covered them up in nice words, not phrasing my thoughts exactly in the way they were swirling around in my head. In print it becomes so real, it is not just in your head anymore. Even thought that is scary, it is also the great effect of writing a diary.

When I sugarcoded my feelings and thoughts, they weren´t out and kept making cicles in my head. That is why writing your thoughts  down exactly the way you think or feel it is important!

I not only get my thoughts out, to let go of negativity. I also try to turn around my thoughts. So I try to write down three positive things that happend that day and three things I am thankful for.

After dumping the negativity, I try to get some positivity into my head. A lot of times it really works. It helps me to realize that some good things happend, even though I thought it was a horrible day.

Was there something positive during my day?

I had troubles with that at first, I was looking back at my day and thought that nothing positive had happend. Like always the key is to not look for great happenings, just small things that were positive.

For example I wrote down, that it was positive when an exercise that I had planed for my class worked out really well, when I got an email or text from a good friend, when I had coffee with a friend or just when someone on the street made a nice gesture. Or I write down things like a great meal I had, a good movie I saw, a good conversation I had, something nice I read and so on…get the picture?

Once done with my diary entry I feel a lot better, because I leave the sad and negative thoughts behind and I put positive ones into my head. Afterwards I am ready to go to bed in a good mood.

I usually write my diary before I go to bed, to guarantee a good nights sleep. Sometimes I journal when in a particularily bad mood or having a bad day. It helps me to get another perspective of the day I´m having.

Writing diary is even nicer when you have a beautiful book to write in. So let´s get started, buy a nice booklet and sharpen your pencil ….aaaaaaand feel better!

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