Why Tinnitus Week?

Did you hear that from the 4th to the 10th of February is Tinnitus Week?

Tinnitus Week was initiated by the American Tinnitus Association, the British Tinnitus Association, Tinnitus Hub and the Tinnitus Research Initiative.

The American Tinnitus Association was founded in 1971 and claims to be a global leader in researching a cure for tinnitus. Their goal is to raise awareness to prevent tinnitus, to offer relief and to find a cure. They provide help by hosting a support group, publishing a magazine and through their podcast “Conversations in Tinnitus”.

The British Tinnitus Association is a registered charity and exists since 1992, they offer support for people with tinnitus in the UK.  Among their services is also a helpline. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for people suffering from tinnitus, promote educational programs and to find a working treatment through their medical research program.

tinnitus week

Tinnitus Hub is a non-profit organization that operates Tinnitus Talk, a tinnitus support forum. It´s goal is to connect patients and researchers. The organization just launched a podcast and has many more interviews to share insights about tinnitus.

The Tinnitus Research Initiative was founded in 2006 to better the life of tinnitus sufferers by promoting biomedical research. The Initiative believes strongly that it is essential for the different medical disciplines to work together in order to understand tinnitus as well as to find an effective treatment.

These four have many activities and news lined up for Tinnitus Week, but many more organizations, associations and companies related to tinnitus, hearing loss and audiology provide a broad variety of information and tips.

Why should we all support Tinnitus Week?

It is a campaign to raise awareness. There are still many people today who don´t know that tinnitus exists – they feel like they got things condition nobody else knows about. Plus let´s help to prevent tinnitus to happen to more people.

“Tinnitus Week is a great opportunity for both organizations and patient groups to come together to raise much-needed awareness for tinnitus.” – Hazel, Volunteer at Tinnitus Hub

This year´s Tinnitus Week – United Against Tinnitus has the theme `Tinnitus and Isolation´.

Isolation – I don´t know how it was for you, but in the beginning my ear ringing made me feel super isolated. Nobody really got what I was going through and I felt like I couldn´t do anything anymore. Loud music was unbearable, so I didn´t want to go out, other places kept me from understanding my conversation partners so I didn´t see a point in going to cafés restaurants or bars either. Besides those problems I also was super depressed, feeling like I would never be able to live a “normal” life again. So all I did was stay at home in bed and cry. Of course that made my emotional state and mindset only worse. I felt all alone in this and on the world.

How was it for you?

Share your story, let others know what tinnitus is and how sensitive our ears are!

Let´s give hope!

The other part is of course – yes, it was hard, frankly it was a horrible time – but it got better. Let´s share with other who are not there yet, how we got better. What we did to overcome the feeling of being the victim of this condition and to take charge of our lives again!

What did you do to overcome the Isolation?

One day I made the decision that this was not how I wanted to life for the rest of my life. Once I had made that decision, my mind was ready to get going.

  1. I used affirmations to overcome my negative and destructive thinking
  2. I started yoga, meditation and breathwork to calm my nervous system, as calmer I am the less I am bothered by my tinnitus
  3. I started working out – that helped me get physically tired and to implement a normal sleeping pattern again and working out boosted my positive mood
  4. I started eating healthier which improves my overall health – meaning less triggers
  5. More work on my mind to become a person less affected by outside factors and to not feel stressed as quickly
  6. I started working on my inner child to reduce to not get affected by things anymore that were programmed in early childhood and to find inner balance

More info about Tinnitus Week: https://www.tinnitusweek.com/organizers/

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