Walkingtherapy for Tinnitus Relief

So this is not a new story, this goes back when I hit basically rock bottom back in 2012. My tinnitus had gotten super loud the year before and I had suffered from constant headachs with dizziness, brain fog…etc. I was in such a bad place, crying all the time and not wanting to leave the house.

One of these days I went to the movie theater with my sister and we watched the movie „The Way“, honoring the Camino de Santiago and showing the live on a pigrimage. It spoke to me, I don´t even know why, but it really spoke to me.

Three weeks later I was in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, the famous starting point of the last 800 kilometers of „the Camino“.

Already on the second day my headache was gone!

On the first day I already met a few people I ended up walking with for the rest of the time. I walked with this american girl, we just clicked and we developed a great routine pretty quickly, we walked at the same speed and we liked the same food….it just worked out super well between us. I don´t know what I woud have done if I hadn´t met her, we motivated each other and we talked about our whole lifes, no judging….just pure understanding and being there for each other.

We stayed at the typical „albergues“ along the way and walked each day about 25 to 30 kilometers, that way it took us about 25 days to get to Santiago de Compostela. Getting there was amazing, it was an awesome feeling.

But the life lesson or the important part about this experience wasn´t the destiny, it literally was the way. We had no worries, no daily lists of things to do…the only worries we had was were we would sleep and where we would wash our clothes, as we had to do laundry everyday. Eating wasn´t a problem either, there were really big albergues with kitchens, so sometimes we cooked or most restaurants offered special pilgrim menus.

In Santiago de Compostela

It basically had two good parts, that helped to feel better.

Firstly, I didn´t worry about life…in fact I didn´t worry about anything. Of course it helped that I didn´t have daily chores and that there were no bills to pay….

Secondly, walking seems to have healing powers! You can unwind, it relaxes and it clears the mind. You start to see things from a different perspective and just calm down.

I am not saying everybody should walk the camino, but get out there and walk!

Of course it would be great if it could be in nature, beath in fresh air and enjoy beautiful landscapes, your mind can just shut down while enjoyed the natural sounds the outdoors offers.

Sometimes that is not possible or there is just no time for it, so just walk in your daily life. It can still serve you. I walk home from work everyday and it really helps me to let go, to leave things behind me and to leave work at work and not take it home. It takes me about 40 minutes to get home, but it so worth it!


  1. That American girl you walked with . . . September 16, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    Magda! Reading this brought back such wonderful memories of the Camino. It really was such a magical experience, and I think it brought a lot of healing for us both. Thank you for being my best Camino friend!

    1. magda October 3, 2018 at 4:33 am

      Hey!! You read my blog! Yes, I couldn’t imagine to have taken on this adventure with anybody else…Thank you!! I hope to see you some time soon, I miss you!! Come and do the alpine crossing with me!

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