Tinniversary – 10 years with tinnitus!

I can´t believe it has been 10 years living with tinnitus.

I have undergone the worst time of my life in the first few years but then it also lead me to good changes. It helped me to work on myself and finding my true inner self.

It has been a journey, no doubt. But it was also a chance to change my life in a better direction than I was heading before.

Check out my video about living with tinnitus:

Today I want to share with you 10 strategies I found helpful when feeling stuck on negative tinnitus thoughts.

1. Stop using the words “never” or “always”

When we limit ourselves with those kind of words, everything seems worse and remember that I said that our mind believes whatever we tell it to believe?! We don´t want our mind to believe those kind of messages.

So when you have a thought like “I will never be able to handle this”

Then immediately replace it with: “Right now it is hard, but in the future it will be better”.

Instead of telling yourself that you will never be able to do something, make sure to realize that it is just a current feeling in the moment and not a life sentence. At least not if you don´t make it your life sentence.

2. Relativize your thoughts and assumptions.

The same as above counts – I am the kind of person who often thought everybody else can handle it, why me not?

When you catch yourself caught up in that kind of thinking – it makes you a victim and as we prolly read in my victim blog post, that puts the tinnitus in control of our life.

So change that thought into – others might handle the situation better than me right now, but I will get to that point some time.

3. Open up to other viewpoints!

We are often stuck because our mind spins around the same thought non-stop. We often forget to see other things.

Thinking about something that puts you down, like: “I don´t enjoy going out as much anymore but all my friends do. I feel left out.”

You can open up and see: I might not go out as much anymore but I finally have the time to dedicate myself to all the hobbies I wanted to try out and to the courses I wanted to do.

4. Don´t generalize!

When you think that you can´t handle work at all anymore – remember that it is not true. Certain things might be harder, but others still work fine. Find things that go well and tell yourself what is going well. Never believe your thoughts when generalizing!

5. See the option for change!

Often we are so lost in our negative ways – that we don´t even see the way out anymore.

A simple way to open our mind up for the option of change again is to add a small little word like “yet”.

For example when you think, “I have no idea how to do that.” Change it to “I have no idea how to do that yet.”

6. Check your sources!

As I have mentioned many times – it is important to inform yourself. Don´t just believe anybody. They might tell you something they picked up somewhere, it doesn´t have to be a reliable source.

Ask yourself: “How do I know, that…?!” or “Where did I get the info..?”

7. Check your way to measure things!

If you think nothing you have done so far has helped you to feel better.

On what indicators do you measure that result?

It often changes when you pin down certain markers and observe them over time. You´ll find out that there has taken place more improvement as you thought!

Important is to find markers you can measure and that are realistic.

8. Don´t make everything your topic to deal with.

If you feel guilty or responsible for something again – taking you to a place where you feel overwhelmed, make sure to check if it is really your responsibility to take that task on.

Stress is toxic – so don´t put more on you than necessary. Be brave and take care of yourself by saying no and but not accepting blame others want to put on you.

9. Check the connections you made in your head!

You are constantly thinking about things that you want to do when you are cured?!

Because in your head the connections exists that you can only move on with your life once you are cured.

Check that! Do you really need a cure before you start a new job? Or can you take on some coping techniques and you can thrive in a new position – adding to your overall happiness.

Do you really need a cure before you can hang out with friends again? Or can you work on where to go to and protecting your ears and still go out and have fun?

Make sure to not make all negative connections in your mind – limiting your life by it.

10. Switch! Negative for Positive thoughts!

Catch your negative ways and turn those thoughts around in positive ones!

If you think – “and again I wasn´t able to get anything done today.”

Stop your thought right there!

Switch: “I took good care of myself today I am glad I was able to give my body what it needed.”

It is not easy to change your ways of thinking – but step by step it will get better if you change the thoughts every time you catch yourself having them.