Tinnitus Relief through taking care of Sinuses and Nostrils

Recurring sinus infections have been troubeling me for a long time and it had been triggering my tinnitus.

I have tried many things to relief that to cut out at least one trigger of my tinnitus story. It has been a long road of antibiotics and sick days….now I don´t take antibiotics anymore. I haven´t had an infection in a long time. My sinuses seem to have calmed down.

Of course I have started to a lot of alternative things in order to get there.

For general health I take supplements and adopted a healthy lifestyle including sports, healthy eating habits and working on a positive mind.

I am also taking care of my sinuses directly by using a Neti Por and a Steem Inhaler, that has really helped me to reduce the frequency of the ear and sinus infections – almost to zero.

Watch the video how to use them or what other options you have: