Tinnitus Life going Happy Healthy Life

I started my blog about two years ago now.

I wanted to help people cope with tinnitus.  Not having to suffer for so long as I did.  I wanted people to get to the point of living with tinnitus in peace, to habituate and to be happy again.

I wanted to show how I created a life not being bothered by tinnitus again so I called it tinnitus life. Because it is about how I set my life up to feel like it is a good life besides having the ear ringing.

My journey of course continued throughout the two years, I am not the same person anymore I was two years ago.

I have deepened my spiritual practice, started doing yoga every day, meditate every day and not like before just when I felt like it. I also work out every day. I also started reading more again as reading with tinnitus didn´t bother me any longer.

This has changed how I few life and also my way of thinking. It still hasn´t sunk in completely so I sometimes fall back, question it and go back to feeling sad and depressed again.

But I rebounce every time. Right now I am working at not caving at the feedback I might get and at the negativity others might spread.

Through my recent growth I have started questioning my blog and what I am doing. I wasn´t sure anymore if it was in alignment with my thoughts and my values anymore. I wasn´t sure if this is what I want to do. It started to feel like work and drain my energy.

I felt like my whole focus was on tinnitus, all I talked about was tinnitus and all I did was research it more try out more things revolving around it. Even though it doesn´t bother me anymore it seemed like I manifested it more and more into my life again. It seemed like I brought it in my life – putting the spotlight on it and becoming the center of my attention.

While it didn´t make my tinnitus worse or make it less bearable it seemed to me like I did the opposite as what I wanted to do. It was like every advice I gave I couldn´t follow myself because I was thinking so hard about how to make life easier for others.

On the other hand I felt like if I talked about the things I am passionate about people didn´t resonate with it and I thought this is not how I am helping others – so I went back to only talk about tinnitus.

BUT this is not what I want to teach – I want to teach NOT thinking about it and that only works by not talking about and by only talking about the things that bring happy feelings and distraction.

By the law of attraction and manifestation it is like that, where our attention goes the energy flows. Meaning the more we talk about something, the more we will get into that feeling AND the more we feel it the more we attract of the same feeling. Welcoming it into our lives. So when we talk about tinnitus the whole time and invite it into our lives and feeling the desperation – that is what we are attracting.

So instead of calling in tinnitus I want to call in things that make me happy and make me feel good. Applying the law of attraction to what I really want to attract into my life. I want to share my passion and not hold it back anymore, I want to share more about what I do in my life to feel well and the things that made me into me.

I have been holding back due to all the negativity that hit me really hard when I have been sharing before. Being called something that doesn´t help be support being super emotional hit a spot.

I always was super emotional and intuitive but throughout the years I sensed that was not what many people could handle. I also have been hurting so my times because of it. But that is actually who I am. I am highly emotional and intuitive – not a fact lover but trusting my gut feeling. A lot of times people call that unreasonable, naïve and stupid. Looking back I have made much wiser decisions when I was living that way. Even if it brings heart beak and sadness being so open, it still is better than hiding behind a big wall of facts and info that is just not me.

I realized it is not about how many people I help but about the people I help truthfully from the bottom of my heart. Healing others has always been my passion that is also why I am a social worker.

In order to get back to my real me I have started my courses besides work.

I will be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher soon as well as a Life Coach and a Meditation Teacher and a Health Coach (nutrition). I love studying and learning new things. Especially if it feels right and if it makes me feel so good.

This has been a long way of saying that this blog will change a bit. Stick with me if you feel like this is a path you also want to take, if this is something you can´t resonate with – feel free to leave as I will eliminate all aggressive and hateful comments and messages without answering them. I will no longer go down that path of letting myself get dragged down by the negativity of others.

So how will it change?

I will focus more on the things my life is really about.

Yoga. Meditation. Sports. Affirmations. Mindset. Personal Growth. Nutrition. Enjoying Life. Arbonne. Inspiration. Love.

And much more…