Tinnitus Healing Journey – Where is the fun?

Soon will be my anniversary – my anniversary of having tinnitus for 10 years.

I have been working on having a good life and while I love my life and myself more than I have ever before, I am usually super focused on my healing.

Healing for me means healing everything, so healing on an emotional level, healing my body, my mind….so there is actually a lot to do. To bring my body into balance, but actually not just my body but also my mind and soul. I believe once everything is balanced – I will be completely healed.

No matter what you believe though and where you are on your healing journey – healing takes time and commitment. It is constant work.

I think it is like with every work though…you need to take some time for just yourself and a break, you can´t work on something constantly. That is what is hard for me. I love to get a job done. But healing is not something you just get done and over with. It is a process.

tinnitus healing focus

Thinking about it as a process, it is important that you don´t obsess over it – that you let the process unfold itself rather than forcing it to go faster as it can. As the next step can only be started on the step before is completed. We can´t rush that – it is very individual and takes it´s time.

For that it is important to not only want to force a healing process move along – but also to enjoy life on the way.

We can´t heal when we get all tense about the process, tension is never soemething good. We need to be relaxed and feel good about ourselves. Happiness is so important to be able to heal. Postitives vibes are crucial to promot healing – how could you get and feel better if you are filled up with negativity. Like attracts like – so we get more of what we send out.

For me, I often forget that. I forget to have fun and to just be. Just be and enjoy life!

Of course I do a lot of things that make my life easier with tinnitus like yoga, meditation, working out…the list is long. I also love those things – but they are part of my healing regimen.

So sometimes it is about doing something completely different! About just being in the moment and doing what you feel like doing in order to have a good time – to enjoy and love life!

Fun can be part of healing journey! We just need to let the fun into our lives and not keep ourselves from it, being afraid that it would hinder our healing journey.

Healing isn’t linear, it doesn´t exclude having fun but of course it shouldn´t be counterproductive to what you are doing in order to heal!

Lately all I did was to promote holistic healing.

Then I was looking through some old photos due to my upcoming move – and I thought wow did I have fun moments and actions I my life. How come I don´t do that anymore…I realized I didn´t allow myself to do those things as I thought it wouldn´t be good for my healing.

protect your ears

So let´s see!

  • This weekend I had a wonderful night out at a friend´s restaurant with good conversations, red wine and fries! I loved it. I just allowed myself to have more wine I usually drink and a huge plate of fries just because I felt like it.
  • This Sunday? There are so many things I thought I should do and which I should get done…but I decided to just relax and do NOTHING! Just be spend some time with Netflix. It has been great!
  • I also took some time to plan my next vacation…
  • I took a long bath and put on a face mask…instead of doing yoga.
  • Last weekend I went out to a party and I had such an amazing time – of course I wore earplugs!

going out with tinnitus

No matter what you do and no matter what you love – don´t hesitate! Do it!

The only important thing is to protect your ears and to do something that you feel good about, not something you feel pushed to do!

So what is it you want to do? What does fun mean to you?

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