Tinnitus Habituation – Part VI

Like you have seen in the posts before, habituation includes a lot of redirecting thoughts, changing the way you think and shifting the attention to more positive and supporting ones.

So as we are already about to challenge our way of thinking, let´s try something here, how about the Miracle Question?

So, let´s say your dream comes true – a miracle – there is a drug or treatment to cure tinnitus. Your tinnitus would get cured.

Write down 5 things how your life would change!

(And jotting down, that your life would be better or happier, does not count!!)

Be specific! Think of specific situations like here some examples:

  • Work for 8 hours without being totally exhausted
  • Go out with a group of people and understand what they are saying
  • ….
  • ….
  • ….

As I have shown you before, a lot has to do with evaluation and also about the perspective. Is it really the tinnitus, or would things change if we would evaluate the situation differently, look at it from a different angle.

Or are there things that actually are not due to tinnitus but are blamed on it?

Could it be that there are actually pros and cons?

Yes, you have heard right.

For example, when I was still feeling super bad and was sure that tinnitus was controlling my life, making it a nightmare, I also had a job I hated. So having to take a lot of sick days, wasn’t actually bad – it helped me to avoid a job I hated and wouldn’t have been able to stand weather I had tinnitus or not.

I have actually never enjoyed going out in big groups to loud and noisy places, it has always overwhelmed me, not knowing to which conversation I should listen to and not really being interested in half of them…so canceling them due to tinnitus was to be honest more convenient than admitting that I didn´t feel like it.

This might not fit for you, but I am just trying to give you an example of how these situations can be seen from a different perspective and now there might be an easier solution to it, as we know what the problem actually is. Or find a satisfying solution at least. 

So ask yourself this: Due to tinnitus I can´t do…….?

  • Go out to a noise club

Pro:  not having to listen to music I don’t like, no superficial conversations with people I don’t care about, …..

Con: no dancing, not hanging with close friends on the weekend, …..

  • ….
  • ….

Once you have done that, you are able to draw conclusions for you, about what you really want or what you  are really missing. Again, be specific.

In my example it would be, dancing and seeing friends.

Ok, that is good. Now you have specific goals.

Now let’s look at how we work on specific goals / problems in order to fulfill them.

  1. Write down the specific goal (which you already have)
  2. What is the obstacle that hinders you of fulfilling it?

(again, be specific and write with details)

  • Now as you know what you want and what is holding you back – the Brain Storming begins.

What could you do in order to overcome those obstacle?

  • Time to evaluate your brain storming ideas!

Which ones could be helpful, realistic and successful to fulfill your goals?

  • Decide! With which idea do you want to go?
  • Go into action mode! Without doing something about it, nothing will ever change – so if there is no miracle taking our worries away it is time to do something about it. Give your chosen path a try and follow through.
  • Evaluate the outcome.

How was the outcome? Is it satisfactory or should you try another path?

I hope this helped you to turn around the thought that tinnitus is to blame for everything negative in your life and for everything that isn’t as it did before.

Dig deeper and find a new way, a solution or alternative.

For me, it was hanging with my friends at my house, at theirs, in bars that are convenient and other cafés or restaurants. And dancing? Well, why the hell would I need a club to dance, where the half of the time don’t even play the songs I don’t want to listen or dance to. I can dance anywhere – at home, at friend’s house…at a bar….street….no matter where.

So you want to change something in your life?

Tell yourself that besides tinnitus you can …..

What is the behavior you want to implement / what do you want to change?

Evaluate it – on a scale from 1 to 5 – what do you think would be the merely successful and what would be really successful?

What are your options to take action?

What is your specific goal / problem?

What are the obstacles you need to overcome?

Let me kow how it is going for you.