Tinnitus and Food Part II – Clean Eating

Lately I have updated my tinnitus diet, because healthy eating is such a broad expression.

Everybody seems to define healthy eating habits differently, so I adopted a diet that fits best, not only me but also my ear ringing.

For me Clean Eating is the most nutritious way to eat and to not trigger my tinnitus with food, but as I realized by posting on social media about it – there is a lot of confusion what clean eating is.

I have been vegan for a long time and to that I now added clean eating.

It seems like you can find many different explanations on the internet. Here is what it means to me.

First step:

Eliminate common allergens and foods that promote inflammation:



Sugar/artificial sweeteners





Second step:

Only use and eat fresh foods and ingredients. Meaning no processed or refined food whatsoever.

Of course that means more work as you have to prepare all your meals basically from scratch, but it also means it is so much more nutritious.

Third step:

Implement a balanced diet – meaning that you eat throughout the day everything your body needs to function correctly. For that you should eat daily fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean proteins and legumes.

Fourth step:

Start a clean lifestyle by doing sports regularly, taking care of your mental health through meditation, yoga and by sleeping enough.

Why am I so convinced by this lifestyle?

It helped my gut to recover, to reduce constipation and my skin to clear up. I just generally feel better in my body.

I always thought that I was eating healthy, but I ate a ton of vegan replacement products….and even though you might think those are healthy, they are not that healthy as they contain a ton of preservatives. It is so easy to make your own vegan replacement products – it is not even necessary to buy products from the supermarket.

My ear ringing doesn´t flare up when I eat like that. The healthier I feel, the more I work out and the more I am aligned with what makes me feel good….the less I notice my tinnitus.

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