Tinnitus – Acceptance is the key!

Accept tinnitus?!

I have been sharing that acceptance is the key for a long time now. Every so often I get insults and very rude messages about claiming that I don´t understand tinnitus, that I haven´t had it long enough or that I don´t suffer from it severely.

Some people don´t even stop there.

I have learned to deal with those kind of reactions and I don´t feel the need to defend myself.

BUT I have to say I understand and I am so sorry, that there are so many people out there that are clearly suffering very badly.

That is also why I created this page, wanting to help others not to suffer due to their tinnitus as long as I did. It took me years to accept that there is no cure and that there “only” techniques to relief it a bit or to learn to live with it.

Like you can read in my tinnitus story – for years I hunted down one treatment after another – always looking for a cure and blaming others when something didn´t work out or make it worse.

I have actually talked about the topic acceptance a lot, but never written a blog post just dedicated on it.

So here we go – Acceptance is the first step to feel better.

I know, I know…how could one accept that horrible beeping sound that makes life look like living hell?!

I am not saying it is easy or saying to think it is a good thing, even though I have heard from so many people that through tinnitus their life has changed to the better, as has mine. But that is like the last step.

So the first step is to review the facts.

What are the facts?

I have tinnitus. A constant ear ringing in both ears. It is there. I can´t deny that.

As to right now, there is no legit cure that actually works. And yes, of course you have heard of people getting cured. And it does happen. But do you build your life around the hope of winning the lottery because there are people that do win the lottery. There are many different reasons for tinnitus and some can actually be cured, when it is not a due to damaged sensory hair cells. Those types are very rare and if you had one of those you would know it. As doctors rule that out right in the beginning.

Read more about causes here:

So the facts are: the tinnitus is there and there is no cure.

And yes, you can dig a hole and hide in it until a cure is found. But won´t you rather have a good time until there is a cure?

The third fact is: there is something that can be done about that.

You can feel better besides having tinnitus. There are so many things you can do to enjoy life again and to actually be happy. No scam, because this depends on you. Not on another person that gives you something to feel better.

I know, this is not something you want to hear. Because everybody (including me in the first few years) wants it just to be over and to go back to the life before tinnitus.  But, look at the facts. No matter how much you miss your life before and how much you want it to be over or how hard it is right now. Those are the facts. And I am so sorry that you have to go through this – it is hard. No joke.

BUT, then as much as you wish for that – make a change happen! It is in your hands. You can´t change the facts, but you can change how you feel about it and where to go from here.

And when the day comes, when there is a cure – then you won´t have lost all that time to suffering, putting your life on hold….you will have had a great time and moved along with your life – and believe me, you will have grown so much!! Overcoming that is something that will let you grow. And it might even lead you to paths that you would have never imagined but make your life better.

Where to start? Try it with this one: