Tinnitus and Food – The 28-Day-Healing-Cleanse

I thought I was a healthy eater. It took me a long time to find out that I am not really and that tinnitus and my diet are directly linked.

As I´m always looking for ways to relief my ear rinnging or to finally heal I came across the Medical Medium – Anthony William. He writes about the healing powers of fruit and vegetables.

At first I was´t sure if I would believe in that – but as I saw so many people on the web having healed through his books and the informations he puts out there, I became more and more interessted. And so I read his first two books: „Medical Medium“ and „Lifechanging foods“.

I devoured his first book. He tells stories from former clients, how normal doctors persive the stymptoms and I found myself so many times in those stories. It made me feel good about my experience and gave me a sense of not being alone. It made me feel understood and gave me hope to be able to heal.

What he basically is saying is, that what you eat can change your life. It can heal you. Each fruit, vegetable and herb has many health benefits and depending on your symptoms you should eat certain foods.

What he also is saying is, that there are foods which you should generally avoid. Those are gluten, corn, soja, castor oil, eggs, dairy products, pork, fish from aquaculture, glutamate, citric acid, sweeteners and natural as well as artificial flavors.

According to his philosphy you should try to avoid those aways and add a ton of fruits and vegetables to your diet. To kickstart this whole change and to heal, he suggests to start with a 28-Day-Healing-Cleanse.

It helps to clean the body, heal inflamation and also affects the mental health.

How does the cleanse work?

In the morning he says to have a healing juice on an empty stomach, it could be celery or cucumber juice. It could also be lime or coconut water with spirulina. He says that those juices help the body to reinforce the nightly detoxification. For breakfast he recommends a fruit smoothie, as much as you basically want. Later on you can even have more from the smoothie.

For lunch he recommends to have a salad with spinach, lettuce and cucumber as a base, you can add of course more ingredients. Adding some fruit and other types of leafy greens to the salad might be a good idea. Also the dressing is not made with oil, but with mashed avocado. In the late afternoon you should have some fruit and mix it with cellery or honey.

In the evening, for supper you can have another salad or raw soups, they can be mixed with  cucumber noodles. Later on you can have apples and dates.

He says is is possible to vary a little – but it is best to stay all raw during those 4 weeks to give the digestive tract a break. He also recommends to not have avocado for a week or so and to cut out salt to reach a even deeper level of cleansing and detoxification.

At first I was skeptical to cut out so many things and to eat raw, but I thought to give it a shot.

I loved to morning routine of having a healing juice . It felt good and I felt so hydrated. Also I had forgotten how good smoothies were, I had only stoped because fruit and especially berries are so expensive here in Peru. But then I thought, why not invest in my health and spend that money to buy more fruit again, what I love. And I just loved, loved, loved my morning smoothie, which included bananas, frozen berries and dates.

The first few days I really missed to have real food for breakfast, so I added some more fruit otherwise I didn´t feel like it was enough. I missed having bread and was jeaoulos of my boyfriend who had bread everyday for breakfast.  But as I love fruit, it actually felt so nice to get back into the habbit of eating more fruit again and starting my day with it.

After a few days in I loved my morning routine already and didn´t feel anymore like there was anything missing! I started feeling great and light in the morning, ready to conquer the world. And that even without coffee! Who would have thought that? I used to feel like I needed coffee in order to wake up and to start the day. Additonally I have always loved the smell and taste of coffee. Let´s be honest I just love it! And boy was I craving it in the beginning, but I resisted. And now? I still haven´t had any. I love to smell it, but I am not craving it so I decided not to have any yet and to have nutritional drinks in the morning.

I noticed that during this detox cleanse I have added so many snacks during the day, as the main meals weren´t as rich I got hungry more quickly. All my snacks were fruit snacks! It felt amazing to have so many light and nutrishing nibbles. I actually started craving those refreshments more and more….I had forgotten how much I love fruit! And having those snacks during the day helped me to not get super hungry and to not eat hugh main meals that then make me tired and overly stuffed.

One of the most difficult parts was lunch for me. I love salads and I have always loved salads. In fact every time I go to a restaurant I order a salad and enjoy those leafy greens and creative dressings. But this salad didn´t have a creative dressing – no, it was even without oil. That didn´t make it only borring, but it made it not so tasty. The dressing was just made from avocado and freshly squeezed orange juice. Getting used to that was really hard for me, but in the second week it actually got better. I added more and more things that I like and it was better. I added cellery, arugula, sprouts and one fruit and now at the end they seemd to even taste well.

The raw soup for dinner wasn´t for me at all. So I just had a similar salad for dinner again, at least in the first two weeks. Then I started having fruit for dinner and that is what I really loved. I loved finishing my day with mango and feeling light. It was easier for me sleep and it was just amazing to go to bed with a belly not feeling so full.

I noticed some changes through the diet. My digestion has been not working well for a long time now, I have been constipated for years now. I did the cleanse for a few days and it got better. Not just better, I haven´t been constipated since then! I can´t even describe that feeling – I feel light and it also affects my mood. I think after the first week my tinnitus started to change, there was an additional sound. The normal sound stayed like normal but every now and then there was this sound of water bubbeling in a tube. It stayed there for quite some time, but it eventually went away again. For a while there I got really hopeful and thought it would change completely or go away, but it didn´t. Other changes were, that I didn´t have the normal afternoon crash anymore. As I didn´t overeat anymore, I just felt pretty stable through out the day. Also one great thing happening was that I had the sensation that my brain fog got a lot less. I hadn´t even been aware of having brain fog, but I realised that I had become a lot clearer. It wasn´t as hard anymore to listen in conversations and stay focused. I just feel better!

Oh one more thing! I thought I would be super hungry all the time, I actually was never hungry because I was snacking all the time!

So that is how my diet went, but what effects did I notice after those 28 days?

I can´t even begin to tell you how much I was looking forward to that day. Knowing me and being afraid that I would stuff my face with food that weren´t allowed druing the diet, so I started building up in the last week. On Thursday of the last week I already had a pumkin soup for lunch, on Friday I had baked potatoes – baked without oil and salt!

I thought right after the detox I would get everything that I had been craving and hadn´t been able to eat. But guess what? I didn´t even crave it anymore. I have told you already about the coffee craving- I just haven´t had it. It was practiaclly the same with other things. I had been craving sweets and crunchy food the whole time. But now as the strict diet is over and I just should avoid the forbidden foods… I don´t have those cravings anymore. It feels great.

I didn´t even know how addicted to sugar I had been! Some fruits like grapes are so sweet that they are the perfect substitute! You don´t even need artifical sugar if you can have it with natural fruit sugar. Or dates, dates really help in fighting those cravings for sweets – once you did that for a while, the craving is gone or substituted with craving for fruit.

I fried everyting- if it was eatable I fried it. I didn´t even think consciously about it, fried potatoes, fried veggies, fried and breded eggplant for example is something I really loved. I even breded apple rings and fried them. I just loved it! I guess I liked the taste fried food has, and having it with a delicious sauce – that was just my way. It was my favorite way to prepare food.

I haven´t had anything fried after that diet and I haven´t been craving it. So it seems like it hasn´t only cleaned my body, no it also cleaned my mind of its habbits and addictions. It got me clean and it feels great! I do miss things, like certain foods and sweets but it seems not like something that I have to have.

The other day I had a vegan cheescake made from only nuts. Of course it was a little sweet and you won´t believe it but a  little while later I noticed my tinnitus flaring up. I honestly felt like it was directly connected to the sugar intake. The same thing happened after having a sugared tai latte with coconut milk. So now to me this is like a confirmation that sugar makes tinnitus worse or at least affects it for a while.  The same goes for salt, I had tried to use as little salt as possible during the cleanse. Now I made hummus and I put a normal amout of salt in it and I had a spike. Before I thought it would affect my tinnitus, but I had never experienced it so clearly. I guess cutting out so many foods and cleaning my body I now react more directly to certain foods that are not really good for me.

Where to go from here?

One thing that I can say for sure is that I couldn´t eat raw all the time, it just doesn´t satisfy me. There is something to a warm cooked meal, that just feels differnt. But I have to say having fruit for dinner is something I want to keep up, it makes me feel light and helps me to sleep. My belly has never felt better!

I will keep munching through out the day, not like chips or something, but fresh fruit! It helps me to stay hydrated and to not get super hungry.

I also will eat a great deal of raw food and no fried foods anymore. I also will stay away from those foods Anthony William declared as the forbidden foods.

This cleanse hasn´t helped to cure my tinnitus, at least not yet. But it made me feel better and was the first thing that has improved my digestion. Also I  feel a lot better in my body than I have before. I realised what I have done wrong in my diet before and what I need to change. And maybe on that road my tinnitus gets cured too, even if it doesn´t  – it was worth it!

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