The Secret to Healing – The Secret to Everything

I have been searing for ways to heal my tinnitus for years.

But where have I looked?

I searched for outside causes and for outside solutions. I didn´t want to look on the inside until the last few years. And what I have found on the inside was just beautiful and so enriching.

But I also found a way to heal . . . I am not done yet but on the right track.

I found The Secret! I mean I have read about manifesting and visualizing before, but I never quite got the concept or clicked with it. I tried it a little but then thought “Oh that doesn´t work – are you nuts for believing it?!”

So what is the secret?

It is basically about the the law of attraction – meaning like attracts like.

Even though I was skeptical I listened to the whole audio book, and I was hooked, then I watched the movie on Netflix and I was even more hooked.

How does the law of attraction work?

In the secret many different speakers, authors or other people applying the law of attraction share their point of view and way of explaining the law. The list of people includes Bob Proctor, Lisa Nicols, James Arthur Ray, Lee Brower, John Demartini, Mike Dooley, Jack Canfield, Michael Bernard Backwith, Joe Vitale John Assaraf and many more….

As I understand the common factors are:

It is all about the energy we are sending out, that is what will come back to us. The law of attraction will give us what we think about, meaning if we have negative thoughts those will be the things we are manifesting.

In the book / movie Lisa Nicols gives the example of thinking about “I don´t want to be late” and saying that over and over I one’s head, that is something I think about a lot. Then the universe will get that recited affirmation like a genie gets a wish from its master. And what does a genie do? It fulfills its master´s wish! So we end up being late yet again.

I have recited so often “I don´t want to be sick, I don´t want to be sick….” But they say the universe doesn´t take the don´t in account. It just realized what we focus on and here we obviously focus on being sick and so our universal genie let´s that come true!

So it is about have a positive and mindset and forming positive thoughts, but not just about what you want – also about your current situation. Being grateful for the things you have right now is named as an important part of the process. If you are grateful for the things you have right now, you will attract even more of that. Where the attention goes the energy flows and will provide you with even more of that.

The people featured in the book and movie say that everything in the universe exists already, we just need to attract it. They even use the metaphor of ordering from a catalog, you have all the products right there, then you choose a few you want to order – without any doubt you are waiting for them to be delivered to your house. Let´s start ordering from the catalog called universe.

Here are the steps they talk about:

  1. Ask

What is it you want? Be clear about what you want.

What does it look like, what does it smell like, what does it feel like having it. Close your eyes and visualize every single detail of it.

What would your life be like if you had that one thing and what would you do?

You can even write it down, draw it, make a vision board…whatever helps you to feel it as it were true already.

  • 2. Believe

Now the part, that is crucial.

You need to believe in it. Like asked in the book/movie “When you ask for the catalog you don´t go and order it every day again, you trust that it will be delivered.” Right?

So this is what believing is about – not questioning what you are doing. But believing that you have placed your order with the universe and that your order is on the way.

The delivery basically depends on your level of faith in it and the negative thoughts that might interrupt it or not.

  • 3. Receive

As they say in the movie, you have to match the energetic vibration of the things you try to attract, in order to get to that point there are things you can do.

Catch your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

Being grateful for having received what you were wishing for, even though in reality you haven´t yet but you visualize it as if you would have and then make yourself feel the gratefulness for it (as if you would have it).

It is about having and actually feeling your thoughts of love, joy and appreciation in general and for the thing you want.

Why I believe in it?

I wanted to put it to a test with little things, like imagining that I would be able to turn left with my car on an intersection that usually is always super crowded and I would have to wait at least 15 minutes there. I got there and didn´t even wait for a minute.

I didn´t feel well and imagined that all my clients cancelled so I could go home and rest and that is exactly how my day went down.

There are a few more stories like that and while that could have been a coincidence, I think choose to believe I attracted those events.

Why am I not healed yet, I don´t even think I ever once fantasized about that. Sounds weird to you? I guess it has not been my main goal for so long as it doesn´t really bother me anymore. Having tinnitus has lead me on a self-discovery journey and initiated personal growth on so many levels, so that my personal goals have been in that area lately.

I guess to manifest healing I would have to work on my positive thoughts or rather visualization toward that topic a little more. The thing is, it doesn’t work if you don´t believe in it and think then that it won´t be able to get better.

I did have a sinus infection though and usually those are horrible, the headache is unbearable, the tinnitus is trigged flares up like crazy so that I go crazy. This time I decided to believe that I will be better and that I´m not that sick. I prolly should have thought that I´m healthy, but anyway it went a lot smoother than the last few years. While my change in diet could also have something to do with it, I am also sure my mindset was a contributing factor to only stay home from work for one day and not two weeks. To getting read of the infection in one week and not three or four weeks.

I strongly believe that we can determine our fate with our mind. I am still working on it to…and can’t say I am grateful and positive every minute of my life but I am getting better at it.




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