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Tinnitus and Diet

I have got a ringing in my ear and why should I watch what I eat because of it?

French Fries, Pizza, fried or deep fried vegetables and more…or chips – oh boy do I love it!


Ok, that is not good for me and I kept reading and hearing from my holistic healer that the stomach is the center of everything. So if the stomach isn´t well, how can your health be well? It can´t. But is your stomach ok?

Mine for one isn´t. I have had the problem of consipation for a while now and it is affecting me quite a bit. But not only consitpation is a sign that something is not working right. Proceced foods, fried foods and so on leave always some rest behind. So in your intestins and stomach are never really clean, unless you always eat „clean“ foods.

Honestly, who does that?

I for one don´t, it seems like everything that is not good for you just tastes 100 times better. Well, that is not necessarily true but it often is faster at least and when you are stressed from work and chores, all you want to do is to have a quick meal, right?!

So yeah, my holistic healer told me that you can´t heal anything else if your stomach and intestins aren´t working well or aren´t clean.

So I am doing a cleansing.

Thankfully you are allowed to eat, I would not be able to do it if you weren´t allowed to eat at all.

So I have to do it for two weeks and during those two weeks I can´t have any coffee, lactose products, no fat, no eggs, no meat, no wheat and no sweets. Well and of course no alcohol and no food that contains preservants. And surprisingly no oranges.

So what is allowed?

A lot of vegetables and fruit of course, it should be at a 70 to 30 ratio. 70% raw and 30% steamed or cooked. Nothing fried.

And legumes are of course a great source of proteins, vitamins B, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Also not to forget I have to consume a lot of sesame seeds, nuts, dried fruits and flaxseeds. Also olive oil is good and apple cider vinegar.

Oh and now the “best” part. The first 7 days, in order to clean my intestins, I have to drink raw potato juice. So I take two (organically grown) potatoes and grind them before I put them in the blender with a little bit of water. Then I drink it really quickly.

The secend half of the cleansing I have to drink lime water to clean the liver. For that I take one lime and quater it. These four parts I put in a thermos filled with recently boild water. The next morning I drink that water.

So I am looking forward to the results.

But the question I am left with is, should I change my diet because of my tinnitus? Should I change my diet to be healthier?

Ditch all the foods I love? I am not sure if I can do that….I know there are so many lifestyle and fitness coaches, who seem to eat healthy all the time and are happy with it.

So I might try a healthy balance, not fry all my food and include healthy and nutricious ingredients so I don´t have a lack of vitamins or minerals.

I will let you know how it goes and what I eat!

Stay tuned for more….