Rewiring Tinnitus

I read the book from Glenn Schweitzer about his healing journey. He still has tinnitus. He is not cured. BUT he found relief. He wrote a book about how he found relief.

When I found this book I was super excited and thought that I will find healing right after reading the book. Also I was so glad to have found a successful and happy story about tinnitus, a miraculous healing didn´t happen of course. BUT a shift in perseption and I was able to open my mind more to finding my own personal healing journey.

He starts off with the story how his tinitus got stronger and how his menier´s disease started.

As you might know there are different theories about what causes tinnitus and what it exactly is, I liked the part where he explains tinnitus and menier´s disease. He also has menier´s disease. He took on the explaination of Heller and Berman, who say that tinnitus is basically the electrical and mechanical background sound in the inner ear and nerve cells. But for some reason the brain then overcompensates, due to silence, hearing loss, exposure to sudden loud noises and so on. Overcompensating means in that context that we notice it a lot louder than we normally should.

Later on in the book he also talks about how sound affects hearing and about the importance of hearing protection. He writes very practical about everything and easily comprensible.

According to Glenn Schweizer habituation is the answer to tinnitus.

In his book he describes how he reached habituation. The reason why he says we have to habituate is the following: „And the harder we try to ignore it, the harder our brains fight to redirect our attention to the source of the perceived threat by turning up the volume even more.“ He says for that we have to rewire our brain to not react negative to the ear ringing anymore.

He talks about some general things that helped him to find out more about his tinnitus and to find relief. Intrestingly many of those things are methods I have tried or taken on as well. Like finding the triggers for one´s tinnitus by tracking it. He also picks up the topic on how stress influences tinnitus and how to reduce that stress. Besides therapy he mentions massages, acupuncture, saunas and exercise like walking, cardio, yoga and meditation.

Another part of the book is of course sleep.

We all know how hard it can be to sleep with tinnitus. He talks a lot about sleeping routines, important in that chapter I found his revalation that we have sleeping cycles of 90-minutes and that we should plan our sleeping time according to that, not cutting of any of those 90 mintues. He also talks about not using elotronic devises before going to sleep, journaling before bedtime, the best time to drink caffeine, which supplements to take and how to adjust the sleeping environment to be able to sleep better.

Tinnitus Meditation

On thing I haven´t heard about before and I think he also invented is the tinnitus meditation. He uses his tinnitus to meditate on it to reemplace the negative connection we have with it with a positive, calming one. He connects this medition with a special brainwave music to reach a special kind of deepness and state of relaxation.

Glenn Schweitzer says: „Having poor health, not getting enough sleep, or eating an unhealthy diet can all contribute to higher stress levels and can make your tinnitus can be used as a way to measure the quality for your health.“

How to start

At the end of the book he includes an action plan with different products he offers online and he also has different audios on his website like guideded meditations, sound masking audios and brainwave audios for different purposes. At the end of the chapter he attached a week-long plan to start the habituation process and then recommendations to go on from there.

He also includes some resources from his own page, from other organizations and lists also some support groups.

What I thought about the book

I loved all the research he included in his book, even though he lists many facts in the book he still describes all his experiences really colorful so that I finished the book in just two days.

Realising that I had done many of those things already he had put in this book made me feel like I´m on the right track and that my methods are actually helpful.

I wanted to go right on it to try the the brainwave tinnitus meditation, but I have to say no matter how many  audios I tried I could not stand the sound of it. Also until today I haven´t managed to do a tinnitus meditation as I just can´t seem to manage to relax focusing on my tinnitus.

I have checked out his website and the material he offers there and I really enjoyed the tinnitus trekking and food sensitivity charts. They are super helpful as they include more things as I have been trekking so far, especially foodwise they are a lot more extensive.

Even though the book and Glenn Schweitzer´s story motivated me, it showed me that it is possible to habituate completely and not notice the ear ringing for hours or even days, I also realized that not everything that has worked for someone has to work for me too.

That was just one part, I also realized there might be many of the same things no matter what caused the tinnitus that help one feeling better. But it still is an individual journey. Not everything works for everyone.

The most important thing is to know your options, to know hat has helped others and to give it a try. It might work for you also. And the second important thing is to find your own way, to find to what your tinnitus reacts and to what you react.

For me it is meditation, but more guided meditations with certain voices or kundalini meditations. I also love working out, but for me it is weight lifting and also yoga has changed my life as it reduces my stress leven significantly.

I also feel like it is basically a journey to getting to know yourself better and to find to a healthier lifestyle. Like Glenn Schweitzer said, it is like a measurement  to see how good we are doing for yourself – how good your body, mind and soul are feeling.

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  1. Tony Shaddock September 6, 2018 at 3:02 am

    I am 67 I have just retired and had 5 weeks holiday in a camper van with my wife, we had decided we were going to travel , we returned home and on the Monday morning out walking the dog I suddenly felt dizzy this has got worse over the last eight weeks, the dizziness ness has gone but I have resently have very loud buzzing noises in my left this has driven me round the bend you can’t get away from it it is all the time now and I wanted to end it. Your information has been very helpful and has given me some hope that their is a way of living with this disabillating noise, I am flying to Canada next month to see my son and new grandson and was concerned about the flying but I will take on board what you have said and see what happens

    King regards
    Tony Shaddock

    1. magda September 16, 2018 at 3:36 pm

      Dear tony!
      Thanks for sharing! Yes, there is a way of living with it and flying has always been fine for me. Stay positive, I think that is the most important thing to do in the begining – to not lose hope!

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