Relieve Stress – Relieve Tinnitus

Why is stress such a big factor in handling tinnitus?

Have you noticed that you feel like your tinnitus is worse to handle when you are stressed?

Well, handling tinnitus even if we get used to it over time takes up energy. We don´thave an endless amount of energy…and if we need already a big amount of our energy to handle that burden then we have less power to handle other life circumstances like worries of all sort, illnesses, high level of workload and so on.

The less weight you have on your shoulders – the more energy you will have to handle the load the tinnitus puts on you.

Tinnitus and Stress

The most important thing is – as always – it is individual! What is stress for one person doesn´t mean stress for someone else. So don´t listen to anybody telling you that what you are experience isn´t stressful. It is stressful if you feel and / or think that it is stress.

For someone it might be pressure at work, a twist with colleagues, or worrying about a loved one, financial worries or debt…or all the tasks that have to be taken care of.

Stress actually is something good that was placed into our lives by nature to activate us. We react physically by being more alert and by getting more motivated – we can even experience a high and get moving.

It was useful when let´s say the caveman went into stress because he and his tribe was in danger…they got moving to remove the threat or danger.

That is a short-term danger / stress situation though….if the stressful situation becomes permanent then it can affect our health. We become tense and fell constantly overburdened. We start to worry and be nervous / unsettled all the time. It often gets even worse if we feel like the result or the whole situation is out of our hands and that we can´t influence it.

To defuse the situation, hence to relieve the stress, we need to realize that infact we are in charge who the situation will turn out by reacting to the situation presented to us. And firstly by evaluation the situation. If we can see what we perceive as stressor as challenge rather than as threat we feel less paralyzed and are able to react to it.

Tinnitus and Stress

To overcome a difficult situation it is always a good idea to activate our resources – like our health, our network system like friends and family or activities that help us to balance out stress.

Tinnitus and Stress

As with everything – first we need to identify the problem!

So analyze the situation or yourself – when do you feel stressed? What makes you aggravated, insecure or derogated?

If that doesn´t lead you to the source of the problem it might be a certain pattern that causes you to feel stressed.

Like me, I´m a perfectionist. I want to do everything perfect right away. No matter if it is me doing yoga or at work. I want to be the best and I get super mad at myself when I commit the smallest error. I beat myself up about it and feel super stressed when I do… I feel like a failure. And my thoughts only revolve around that little mistake – which for me then becames a huge deal.

Once you have gotten to the bottom of it look at the consequences…once you are stressed – how does it make you feel and what happens to your body or soul?

And now the most important question! What are you doing about it?

Tinnitus and Stress

If you are not sure yet…then look at the four factors that influence stress the most!

  1. Identify and analyze the stressor and stressful situation
  2. Develop new and working coping techniques
  3. Change your reactions to personal stressors and negative patterns
  4. Reduce your physical and mental tension

Most people report that their stress results from an overload in their personal and/ or professional lives.

It is always best not to let it come to excessive demands – to prevent it from happening. If that is not happening, we then need to reduce them…

Here are some strageties that might help you reduse stress or prevent it:

  • Know what you want!

 If you set clear goals – the best would be to set short-term and long-term goals you can make a plan! A plan that also includes time for yourself and to relax in-between.

  • Delegate!

Are you like me, and often think that you have to do everything on your own?Because if you don´t do it yourself – it won´t be done properly? Well, the question is what is properly – right? Does it mean the way we want to have it?Most of the time it does, but it can be done differently and still be correct and good. So let others do their fair share of the work and don´t overburden yourself.

  • Organize yourself!

Don´t drown yourself in clutter and chaos! Organize your place of work and your house so that you don´t waste a lot of time looking for things that could be found if they would have their own place. Also prioritize your tasks!

  • Stick to your routine and your plans!

You got started with your plans and routines for a reason . . . if you don´t stick to them your whole day might be off. Like with my morning routine. When I hit the snooze button and get up later than I anticipated, it throws off my whole morning routine – if my morning is off my whole day is off.

  • Make a list!

Forgot what to do again and in the last minute you remembered . . . so you get to your next appointment or task later than you wanted to…and that affects your whole day. Make a checklist don´t hop from one time pressure to another.

  • Say no!

Adding constantly new tasks to your list brings can be a stressor – especially if you always say yes. “Favors” you do for others can become a burden if you don´t respect your own time. Additionally,  others then won´t respect your time neither. Saying NO isn´t easy but it can relive tension and reduce pressure. Respect yourself,  your needs and your time – then others will too! And you will actually have time for the things you want and need to do. 

  • Share your feelings and ask others about theirs!

Often we are mad because we feel like nobody respects your feelings or notices how overburdened we are already. But how should they know? We need to let others know how we feel and they will be more understanding why we are doing what we are doing. And we will be able todo the same if others don´t do what we expect them to do. Ask others how they are and what is going on in their life and let them into your life.

  • Allow yourself to make mistakes!

Mistakes are a part of life and will teach you important life lessons. Accept them as what they are – a detour into the right direction. 
Nobody is perfect – not even you. As sooner as you accept that the sooner you will be able to approach situations more relaxed.

  • Ask for help!

You can´t take on responsibility for everything and you can´t do everything on your own. Plus it is more fun if you do it with someone else – or even let someone do it for you. It doesn´t show weakness…no, it actually shows that you are strong enough to see that you are human and don´t have to do everything on your own. That way you will have help to get your stuff done and be less STRESSED!

  • Think positive!

A lot depends on how we perceive a situation. We are a lot more stressed when we think about a situation negatively. If we shift our perception, it might be a whole different story! For instance, just this week a client just didn´t show up at my work and first I got super upset about it – once I shifted my perception I realized that I would be able to get done a lot of work I had been postponing all week. At the end of the day I was super happy about all the work I was able to do.

  • Let go of the past!

Uff, I can´t even begin to tell you how often I remember past behavior or stations from the past that make me almost hate myself. It stresses me so much that it can mess up my whole day and even my whole week…But, I can´t change the past. What is done, is done. Back then I acted the best way I knew how at that point of time. Now I have grown a lot. So let´s think about today. What can we do today? Stick to the now because that is the only moment you can act in.

  • Love yourself!

I was and sometimes still am such a people pleaser. I always wanted that everybody loves me and approves of everything that I´m doing. That is a lot of pressure to try to make everybody in my life or even who just crossed my paths to like me. But that is not what matters? The ultimate approval and love we need is ours. Once we approve and love yourself we stop seeking it on the outside and that pressure disappears.

  • Move your body!

I can´t even begin to tell you how much I need movement. Research shows that regular exercise decreases the level of tension. It also stabilizes and elevates our mood and helps us to sleep better. It can even lead to a higher level of self-esteem.

  • Relax!

How else could we get rid of stress and tension if we wouldn´t know how to relax properly?! Relaxing not in a sense of laying in bed and watching TV or playing on our cell. Our brain can´t relax when it receives so many impressions in such a short time. Find a way to relax your body and mind. I love yoga and meditation. But find your own way. How about a walk outside? Progressive muscle relaxation? Autogenic training? Tai Chi? There are many other ways…find what works for you.

Here are a lot of ideas to reduce your stress and give yourself more energy to be able to deal with tinnitus.

It is always hard to start new routines – so don´t try to do everything at once. Step by step. And it works best if you make a plan. What do you want to change and how do you want to change it?

Put your plan into action consistently! It is said that a new pattern takes about 20 up to 40 days to be implemented and to become a habit.

Let´s get started – and get rid of that homemade stressors (aren´t all though homemade as it depends on us how we react to everything that happens in our life?!) and make space to cope with tinnitus.

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