Relax And Reduce Tension With A Head Massage

I have always had tension headaches.

Probably I´m just a tense person and I worry a lot. And quickly.

All that worry and tension can be seen in your face. Your face is like a book. It shows if you are strain and tight. Even recentment you have felt during your day.


Gladly those thension headaches can be a thing from the past or they can be reduced at least.

In the last few days I have had a lot of headaches . . . I woke up and my head was already hurting. Of course I tried different things to feel better. But the thing that works best for me is the head / face massage.

Sometimes I even use a face cream to fight my wrinkles at the same time.

This is a quick massage you can do anywhere and anytime, when you feel some tightness or when you feel a headache comming on….just give it a go!


I start with my nasal bridge.

For about one minute I put pressure on my nasal bridge and on both sides of my nostrils. This also helps to reduce sinus pains as it is a sinus pressure point. It has the effect of helping the mucus to secrete properly, preventing the sinuses drying up and becoming inflamed.



Then I move on to the are behind my ears.

To reduce the stress, that makes you feel so tense massage the area behind your ears.  Folding my flaps a little bit forward in order to massage properly behind the ears and in to the ridge that joins my ears to the skull.



Then I move on to my temples.

The temples are the cushy spot between the corner of your eye and ear.  For about 10 seconds apply pressure on your temples with your fingers. This is a great way to reduce tension.  It is a distraction from the pain and also maximization of circulation and optimal myofascial (muscle/connective tissue) function.



Once you have massaged your temples you will feel better already. But don´t stop there.

A lot of tension or pain comes from the area around the eyes, depending on what kind of headache you have. For that I position my fingers at the arch of my brows, then I sweep them around the outside corners of my eyes. sometimes I continue to  gently move them under my eyes and end by sweeping my fingers to the inside corners of my eyes.  I do this motion for about one minute again.


I contine that massage with a circular motion around my eye area and lightly pull my skin to my temples.



Towards the end I try to pull out that tension!

For that I just pull my upper and lower lip for about 10 seconds, with my fingers right under my noise.





I finish off my massage with a nice neck massage.

At the end I close my eyes and massage my neck for as long as I have time or for as long it feels good. A lot of my tension comes from the neck. So for me that is a really good way to get rid of tension. I look for the really tight spots and put pressure on them – until they come more loose.



And then DONE!

Of course it is important to drink enough water and to try not to get worked up abut stuff you can´t change or that doesn’t really matter anymore in the near future.

I hope this massage helps you – it really helps me!

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