Quick Neck Relaxation – for tinnitus relaxation

Do you also have a tight neck and tight shoulders a lot?

I am basically tight all the time, which doesn´t make my earringing better and it causes terrible headaches.

So that it doesn´t get too bad and evoke the worste headaches, I try to include little exercises during the day. They are super quick and easy, so you can do them anywhere and at anytime.

As I can be a person who stresses herself a lot and tightens up about things pretty quickly I always have to make sure to find ways to relax myself. But if  I am already tight, then there are a few quick ways to find relief or at least prevent it from getting worse.

  1. I usually start with the gaze straight forward and leaning the head to the left as far as possible and then to the right as far as possible.


2. Then I lean the head streight forward, putting some weight on my head with my hands. Of course I don´t put too much weight on my head, only that much that I can feel the stretch but that it doesn´t hurt.

3. Then I interlace my fingers behind my back and move my hands upwards as far as I can.

4. Then I try to look back as far as I can, on the right and on the left.

5. And finally I do the same but not just looking but, but trying to turn my whole back as far as I can. To make this movment a little easier I grab the back of the chair with the hand on that side I am looking back to and I help myself with the other hand, grabing my thigh.  And as always, it´s on both sides.

I try to keep each position for 10 to 30 seconds.

I have had a headache for almost every day lately, I already wake up with a headache but then I do these exercises and it actually gets better. I even do those exercises at work when I feel that I am getting tight.

It also seems if I am not as tight, that my tinnitus is not as loud.

Just try it out, it might be helpful and it doesn´t take long at all!

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