Quality friend time lets you forget your tinnitus for a while

It happens so many times that I just want to stay in…not in the mood of confronting people or of doing anything. My earringing has transformed me from a very social person to an introverted person.

I don´t like getting to know new people anymore, as I am always afraid to not catch everything they say. It has happend various times before and it makes me feel so unconfortable. When I get to know peope I hate asking them to speak up or to reapeat all the time.

Also when friends already have plans, then I can´t choose the place and then I feel uncomfortable when I am there.

But what is the solution?

To always stay at home? For sure not!

Probalby not all your friends are going to that party, not everybody is busy or ocupied….some friends might just want to hang out, get a cup of coffee (or tea, or juice…) or watch a movie, do something outside.

And when I stay home all the time, it seems like I am just focusing more and more on my problem. I try to find more and more things that distract me from my tinnitus and I want to go out less and less.

Also when I really spend some quality time with friends, have great conversations, hang out with them at places that don´t make me feel uncomfortable then I feel amazing. For a short while I might even forget that my tinnitus is there, how many things it has changed for me . . .

Of course I still don´t like big groups, I can´t hear anything almost or let´s see…I just can´t follow the conversations, as there are usually more than one going on, it is noisy and my head starts to spin. But that is not necesarry, just meet up in small groups and do someting quiet or meet up one-on-one.

After meeting up with a friend and having had a great time, because I didn´t do anything that wouldn´t make me feel good my spirits are lifted. I feel light like a feather and when I feel great of course my tinnitus isn´t as bothersome. It is there, as always, but I it doesn´t bring me down. I can accept it or let´s say I can live with it…for a little while at least.

Those moments are worth gold, they make life good.

It is so important to just go out there, meet your friends and do something that makes you feel good. That doesn´t make you feel you can´t participate in life like “normal people”. Not everything is possible and not everything might feel good. But find what feels good to you, what do you want to do? Just staying at home and feeling sorry for yourself doesn´t count!

Don´t get me wrong, I still need a ton of alone time. I mean a ton, but that should not be all. There is more to live than work and staying at home avoiding everything that could affect your tinnitus.

Spending some quality time with my friends is so important to me, I am still working on doing it more often but I am sure it will come.


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