New Years Resolutions For Your Tinnitus – Not Necessary

Some change might be necessary – yes, we can always improve our lives. We might be in need of improving our habits or daily routines in order to feel better. In order to feel better about our tinnitus!

If you feel like you need a change in your life . . . why wait for the new year?

We always tell yourseves that we want to wait for the new week to start, as a new week would be a good way to start a new habit then we tell yourselves next month . . . that would be a great way to change your ways. Then we have great plans – we want a big change, we are tired of how things are going and how we are handling things so big changes need to start with a bang! So let´s start in the new year. Not on Janary 1st as that would not be a good day so start, on January 2ed.

Change doesn´t happen with a bang!

Did you become the way you are in one day? NO!

It took days, weeks, months, years….that you became the person you are now. How on earth would you be able to change something that was so long in the making in just one day? On January 2ed?

And now, it doesn´t have to start with a big bang like a firework….small steps towards your goal will work much better. Give you the chance to do something different but step by step. It won´t feel like a punishment. It will feel a lot more natural if you do it that way.

And you don´t have to wait for certain day in order to start.

You can start now! Right NOW!

You don´t want to use your cell phone as much. Put it aside right now.

You don´t want to drink as much coffee? Then don´t drink anymore coffee today or if that is too much . . only drink one more cup today.

You want to eat healthier – make your next meal healthy.

No matter when you start your change, it can happen – no matter when you start.

Most important points about change:

  1. You can´t start a new life by tomorrow

Change on little thing every day. Set your goal and divide it up in tiny little steps you can take very day. Then everyday you can do something towards your goal. That way it will stick.

  1. Stay focused

What was my goal again? Ah…eat healthier. That is very vague, make it clear what exactly you want to do and write it down. Then read it again everyday in the morning. Keep it positive, like an affirmation. This will help to to make the decision every day again to work on your goal.

  1. Why

Why do you want to change that part of your life? Make it a good reason and explain it to yourself in writting, this will help you to see why you want to make this choice day after day. Even the bad days will go over easier with a written commitment.

  1. Check-ins

Check in on your goal- your change. Monthly or maybe weekly, check what did you change and how did that make you feel. Do you want to stick with that change or do you want to modifiy it? What lays ahead and do you want to modify what lays ahead?

  1. Simplify

Get rid of those hurdles, we live in a connected world. If you feel like you can´t do something because it is too expensive or too dificult to do. Find an app, find a service or alternatives that can help you to make it easier.

For example I try to eat more fruit, but my favorite fruits are really expensive here in Peru – so I buy them only sometimes and buy now other fruits that are cheaper AND I´m really starting to like them as much!

So what are you waiting for?

Let´s start right now! What do you want to change?


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