Nature has healing powers – use it for your tinnitus

There are different things that can help you to not notice your tinnitus as loudly. . . of course it is for everybody a little differnt.

One of the things for me is – to get out!

Out into nature – feeling a light breeze on my skin, breathing in clear and fresh air and not being surrounded by sounds that drive me crazy like cars honking without any good reason or street sellers anouncing their products loudly….just peace and quiet, but not too quiet – you can hear birds singing, moving small animals through the grass and maybe you can hear the whispering of the moors  of a small creek . . . calming sounds that just by talking about it make me happy.

But does nature really have healing powers?

Of course I don´t go out and my tinnitus is cured or my stomach problems don´t just vanish into thin air. . . but it surly raises my mood, I feel happy and I feel good.

Feel Happy

So it just takes me getting up and nature makes me feel good, beeing a few minutes surrounded by pure nature I´m not as negative anymore and we all know how much happiness helps our health. It is not only good for our heart health, but it is practically a boost for our immune system, helps us to handle stressful situations better and it also helps us to not be as sensitive to pain.


When in nature I´m more aware what of the moment and less in the past or future. I seem to be able to just enjoy the moment I´m in . . . enjoy what is around me and the beauty of nature. Being aware of the present moment helps to built inner peace and of course happiness. It helps to reduce stress as you are not worrying about the past nor future and you start feeling a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation. And being gratful for life, for what we have and for the blessing is a point on its own, it has practically the same benefits as happiness and helps to become a more positive person as well as conecting better with others as we can appreciate them more.


Nature also helps me to feel part of a whole, to feel as a part of nature of the universe and that helps me to feel connected. Connected to life, connected to others – it makes me feel less lonely and less isolated. I feel part of it all and not like I can´t be part of it because of my tinnitus. Feeling connected is also important for our immune system and helps us to stay positive.

So feeling down?

Maybe you should get out and you will see that it helps you to feel better quickly. My problem is that when I do have time I´m too lazy or too comfy at home and don´t want to get up . . . but is is so worth it and when I don´t get out over a longer period of time . . . I seem to get a lot more negative.

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