My Story – The Tinnitus Life

The Challange           

As probably many of you, I was told so many times that there can´t really anything be done that I was close to give up. To Surrender. So. Many. Times.

I have hit my head against the wall at night….and wanted to jump out of my bedroom window.

But the challange is to move on and to keep living with that sound in your ear.

The Start

In the beginning, 7 years ago, when it was still a rather quiet peeping, I didn´t fight it as much. Of course in stage 1 it is just a little annoyance which can be dealt with with a movie at night to fall asleep or with earpugs when you go out.

Over the years as it got louder with every ear infection that I had, accepting it became harder and harder and seemed most of the times impossible.

I ran from doctor to doctor but there was no anatomical cause, no organic failure…there was nothing that needed fixing in order to get rid of the peeping.

So I started believing in alternative medicine and started spending most of my salery in alternative treatments.

What haven´t I tried….at least that is what I felt like. Also my patience and follow through on started treatment plans was rather slim, depending on the first few results and on the attitude of the person treating me.

Just accept it

If there was another person telling me to JUST ACCEPT IT – then that treatment was done for me. And there are not many people out there who take you seriously, and they can just go and F**** themselves.

I mean they are probably right, if there is no physical cause, there are only two options.

Option 1: Find out what the psychological cause is and fight / treat it.

Option 2: Find a way how to live with it or how to relieve it.

Those two options never seemed like real options to me. I wanted to get rid of it and nothing else….but that never happend. Not imported how much money I spent or how many treatments I tried.

New approach

So my new approach is to find out how to live with it without too many restrictions.

That new approach is a little harder, it demands self-discipline and motivation – you have to work on yourself and do something constantly. Much rather I would like to take whatever pill and then be done with it…but that is not how tinnitus works or better said how it can be dealt with.

So let´s get stared and let´s try how we can make ourselves feel better!

You are always welcome to comment and let me know what works for you!

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