Making Every Moment Matter

Haven´t you heard to many times people say meditation helped with their tinnitus?

So I have wanted or I am trying to reach that same goal, tinnitus relief or at least that it doesn´t bother me so much anymore…through meditation.

I have been trying to meditate for a while now and I have a CD from Louise Hay, which I sometimes do and I even downloaded two apps. Those apps remind me daily that it is time for some headspace.

Even though I have those little reminders and helpers it turns out I am pretty resistent…I don’t find time or when I started meditating my mind just doesn´t listen to the audio or I fall asleep.

So I was getting pretty annoyed or rather frustrated that I can´t concentrate, stay alert or focus on the meditation.

Is meditation for me?

I think it was on Facebook, someone posted a link to a online course and I signed up immediately.

It is a 21-Day Meditation Experience “Making Every Moment Matter” hosted by Oprah and Deepak:

I had never seen Oprah before, of course I had heard about her and her show, but nothing more. I have to say that I  just love her voice, it is so soothing and calming.  Also they do the meditations with mantras. I have never worked with mantras before and I really like it!

I mean I still only manage to stay focused for short periods of time, but I can always come back to my mantra when I catch my mind wandering around.

That alone would already make me like this course, but that is not all! Every day has a different motto and they talk about that first, what it means and how to recognize it in your life. The mantra is always according to that topic and they also give a centering thought following that theme. AND it comes with a message of the day to deepen the topic.

But the best part is once you are done with the meditation the webpage has he option to reflect on the topic in an online journal. This option helps you to apply what you have learning during the audio. Normally you get asked to name some problems you have with that topic, then you are asked to how you think you can alleviate those problems, you also get asked to describe how the meditation makes you feel and to reflect on your day.

That is may favorite part, as it really helps me to see the bigger picture of the meditation and its subject. I can understand what it is good for and carry the message out in my day and into the world.

This are the best meditations I have done so far – and I am doing it daily! Finally I got a meditation routine down!

I finally can enjoy the quiet time and draw strength from those sessions. I think what I want to learn for he future is to bring those sessions into my daily life, to stay mindful during the day and most importantly to stay calm.

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have – Eckhart Tolle


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