Life Changes to make life with tinnitus easier

After organic or anatomical causes of my earringing were ruled out I became the victim of my tinnitus for a looooooooong while.

The holistic healer I went to lately and books I have read put me back on track and I decided that I had to change a lot of things in my life.

First of all, my tinnitus has made me a pretty negative and recentful person, jealous and full of selfpitty….that was not a nice place to be in. I was in a desperate need of positive thinking and seeing life in a different light.

That is why I started using affirmations (read more here: ) and I stared meditating (read more here: ).

I can feel a change already, I am not that negative anymore and I can react a little different to negative things, they don´t bring me down as much anymore.

But that is just one part! My healer also inspired me to live healthier. I am going to the gym and trying to adjust my diet. In her opinion no matter what your problem is, it is important to have a healthy body and to have a strong immune system.

Just reading that I feel exhausted

There are so many things I want and need to change, just writing and thinking about it, makes me want to lay down and rest….there are just so many things.

Also I have gotten pretty frustrated lately as there are so many things, and there seems to be so little progress….

The downside of wanting change

Important to realize is that it doesn´t happen over night and of course it doesn´t just happen, it is a lot of work. So you have to keep working on it, persistently and constantly.

In additon to that, I am an incredible impatient person. I set a goal and instantly want to have it at that instant. I sign up to a gym, go for the first time and check myself in the mirror right after. I do yoga a few times and get mad because I can´t do the headstand yet or I meditate once and wonder why I am not calmer yet.

I guess that is why I have given up many things in the past, because I haven´t seen results quickly enough, because it hadn´t worked out the way I wanted it to and because it was just hard getting there.

I started going to the gym to improve my health and to get some exercise, after a while I got hooked and wanted my body to look better but I don´t see the changes yet I was looking for….frustrating. Of course I was looking at pictures of fitness models and their bodys and yes it is shocking that I don´t look like one of those after going to the gym for 4 months. The same goes for meditating, I do short guided meditations and you read so many times that people are calm and feel inner peace and find themselves…I still have trouble to focuse for one minute…my mind goes of and wonders all around. Don´t let me get started on nutrition….

Give up and become a victim again?

I wanted to give up and thought to myself, I can´t do this. I can´t change my ways…I just love sweets and fried food, I can´t focus and I can´t,  can´t,  can´t…it stresses me out to spend all that time on things which even don´t  bring results. So all these things I do to relief stress evoke the opposite.

Of course, if I think that way…negative again!….then it won´t work. If I don´t even believe in it, how would I be able to do it?

So what is the problem or how is that desired change possible?

I´m super impatient, I do something and expect results immediately. I don´t set goals, I follow an uncertain dream….

Set goals

In order to achieve what you want, to have to set realistic and specific short-term and long-term goals to take your steps.

Do you remember science class?

It is like in science class, they said that goals had to be SMART:

S = specific

M = measurable

A =achievalbe

R = realistic

T = trackable

If you follow that, you won´t get frustrated anymore, you can track your steps and improvements.

So I need to change my way of looking at things. I have to accept that realizing what I need is just the first step of many steps in order to achieve my goals and that it needs constat work and dedication.

Reaching for small goals keeps you motivated all the time because you have accomplishments constantly. In the picture you see me doing the so called crow pose and it took me a while to get there, but it was a small goal that I had set und it felt so good to have reached and not to have given up on it before.

Also I got the advice by a reader that it is not always a path that leads up, sometimes it is two steps forward and one back….and we have to accept that and still keep moving forward.


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