Juice Cleanse – Yea or Nay?

Having fallen back into emotional eating I thought I needed a cleanse.

A way of feeling better and to clean out my body.

For a while now I have been following the medical medium Anthony William. He talks about how foods and the things we intake unconsciously affect us.

I really resonate with his work. I strongly believe that everything we expose ourselves to affects us, our body, our mind and our spirit.

So not just the food we put in our body, or things we consume accidentally through the environment or pesticides but also through cleaning products, skin care and what we expose ourselves mentally and spiritually.

Information we process and take on can also affect our whole body.

It is about everything, as we are one  – we can´t just take on part of our body and treat it. We need to see it as part of ourselves. Everything is connected. So that is also how we need to approach the concept of healing and taking care of ourselves.

juice cleanse
I decided to go with a company that provides the juice cleanse

If our house is messy, we don´t only clean the living room where we are right at the moment when we notice that it is time to clean – we clean the whole house.

The same goes for our body, if one part isn´t working that well, we need to take care of our whole body and not just that one part as it is connect to the rest of our body.

Emotional eating for me showed me that I had fallen back into old habits, not feeling well and soaking up those feelings, not trying to replace them with positive ones. Not focusing on the good things in my life, but  bathing myself in the negative emotions that came up. To feel better I ate food that are not good for my body because they make the tinnitus spike, my stomach bloated and more headaches coming on. The list goes on…

But those foods then made me feel better for a little while, so by brain recongnized once again that those foods help me feel better emotionally. Starting to create a habit – making it harder for me to break free of that cycle. The more I ate those foods (potato chips, chocolates, French fries, store bought gluten-free bread dipped in olive oil and the list goes on….)

Because the more foods like that I ate, the worse I felt…the worse I felt the more foods that made me feel well I wanted.

Sounds crazy right?! Why woud I do that…I wondered the same thing. But It is just so easy for me to get caught up in that and to just want to lay in bed and stuff my face with chips and fries.

The juices were delicious and that really helped to stick with it

So I decided that I needed a clear cut and catapult myself out of that situation! That is why I chose the juice detox.

That way I was able to give my stomach a break – a break it can use to clean itself and get out toxins it can´t when it is busy digesting everything I´m eating all day long.

I chose to only drink cold pressed, raw fruit and vegetables juice plus water. So the body has time to heal and recharge but also receives the essential vitamins and minerals.

It can also reduce inflammation, boost energy and improve the hydration level.

I ended up having some raw fruits or salads during the first week as I felt so hungry, of course I was craving other stuff but I didn´t allow myself to have those bad foods. I had them as I didn´t want to starve my body, I then gradually reduced those raw snacks.

The hardest part for me was that so many emotions came up, the medical medium says if on a detox it can happen that we also detox emotionally. As we are not calming those feelings with food anymore – it is now time to face them. Accept and then let them go.

That really was exhausting and made me doubt the juice detox a lot of times. I am so glad I pulled through as I could observe with every passing day I was able to deal with those emotions and feelings better.

When those toxins get releasing and are coming out, that is not pretty – it means they are fighting to survive and are looking to feed themselves. Then it is important to not give in and do what we usually do – but to stay on track with the detox to flush or starve those toxins out.

The best way to deal with the emotional detox is by consciously observing and dealing with it. That is hard work I am telling you and I feel like I´m not done, but it was actually good. I had some break through by see that I was able to turn some of those negative feelings around and turning the situation into something positive again.

But yeah, often I was moody, sad…felt like crying and well was just in a nasty mood actually.

Important for me now is, not just to see it as a break and now go back to normal. Not it is time for me to establish a new normal. Yes, I already had healthy habits but I don’t want to quit them as easily again when feeling emotional.

That is why I will do the 30 Days To Healthy Living right after to train my mind and body again how I can nourish my body.

juice cleanse

Juice Detox – Yea or Nay?

Well, it was good and bad. So my verdict is yes again but the next time I would do it like medical medium Anthony William recommends, to do 1 day of juice detox every two weeks.

The says to drink apple- cucumber-celery juice every two hours, he recommends that combination as it is perfect way to get minerals, potassium and sugar in but to flush out the toxins at the same time!

Two weeks def. was too long for me, it helped with my cravings but the detox symptoms were so strong. My skin got more pimples again and the emotional stuff was just real heavy.

But I am glad I didn´t have to do the juicing as I am sure I would not have made it if I had all that additional work….glad I went with a company that sends the juices home. If I do a juice cleanse again – will use the same company.