It´s all just in your mind?

Like I mentioned before my tinnitus doesn´t have an anatomical or any other physical reason. So drawing conclusions it means that it is just in my mind.

It is in the mind – so we need to work with our mind. Right?!

But where to start?

One book I just reread and which is really inspirational is „The Power of Your Subconscious Mind“ by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

The book shows that we can do everything with our mind, it is so powerful and most of the time we don´t use it. Or let´s say, we always use it becaue it is not possible not to use it, but we don´t use it consciously and don´t take advantage of its powers.

The problem of course is, that it is as its name says, unconscious. So how can we work with something we are not conscious of?

Yeah, it is not easy, it takes time and practice. But I am really inspired. Again. And I absolutely agree with what he is saying.

Basically it is about positive thinking and that is just something my tinnitus has sucessfully eliminated from my mind. I often catch myself bringing myself down and entering a negative thinking spiral which is then hard or impossible to leave.

Dr. Joseph Murphy shows in the book how you can reprogram your mind in order to think positive and to use that positive thinking to get what you want.

How does it work?

He says that you have to release the power of your subconscious mind and work with it, make it your confederate. That you can train your subconscious mind to believe what you can accept on a conscious level.

Ok, that I get….but how do I do that?

Again it is basically all about changing your thinking pattern, but that is difficult. Do you remember the last time you wanted to change a behavior pattern? It is the same, only it is just in your mind.

He says that you have to work with your thoughts. Everything that you think causes something and that your unconscious mind just takes everything as true what you say or think, it just accepts it. He even says not to joke around about negative outcomes, as it would just accept it as true.

So say you tell yourself all the time negative things about yourself or your tinnitus, then your unconscious mind accepts those as true and they become true, because what we believe makes us what we are.

Tell yourself things that you want, your goals, your dreams, your wishes and say them as if they were true already. Your unconscious mind will accept those thoughts as true. He says to image yourself how it will become true and picture it very detailed in your head. A good time to do that is apparently before you go to sleep, then the unconscious mind is the most accessible.

For me, I just stared noticing more and more how negative I am. So I am working on it, but I catch myself a lot bringing me down again. So, just like any habit you want to change this will take some time to pratice. But appreciate every step forward.

Of course this is not a book excert, this is just what I thought were the most important or most inspiring thoughts in the book.

Oh and one more thing, he says it is very important believing in it. In your goals and in the process!

It might sound a little wacky, but you have probably heard about self fulfilling prophecies and to me it just seems like that. And self fulfilling profhecies are scientifically proven to be true. So there is no doubt what a big influnce our thoughts have. So use that power and work with your thoughts!

I don´t know if you can just wish your T away?! As I am not really believing in it, it might not work for me. I think I can make it better and become more positive again. I just started working with it, so I am excited to see the results in the next few weeks or months….

You want to know more?

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