Is a healing journey always a spiritual journey?

Over nine years ago when I first got tinnitus, I didn´t believe in any of the spiritual stuff. OH no, I even had or rather still have a friend who hardly ever goes to a western doctor, she always went to a natural healer and I thought that wasn´t a good idea. I thought if she would ever get really sick, it would rather hurt her then help her.

I ran from one doctor to another- nobody was able to help me or to provide the relief I was seeking. I was told that it didn´t have a physical cause.

Back then that was a bunch of non-sense for me. Even though I´m a social worker and I know that psycological problems or not even problems just psycological issues are connected to everything else in the body and how everything influences each other.

Still, it took me the longest time to finally see that I had to work holistically to finally feel better. I´m not claiming that I´m healed. No, but I feel so much better than I have before.

Who did I come to that revelation?

Out of desperation, looking for solutions to feel better.

Once I started the path of looking for healing, for a better life outside the western medicine I came across many things I wasn´t ready for. But yoga was already part of my life, I did yoga classes and slowly I noticed more and more how good it was for me. How it made me feel.

I did yoga mostly for my physical body, for feeling better physically which also influences how I feel mentally. I always knew how important sports was, as I like cycling, running, swimming and rollerblading, but just slowly I realised that sports influences the whole body, also mentally.

Diving more into the practice of yoga I came across meditation and I have tried different techniques of meditation. Reserching meditation and different ways to relax, I came across many other things.

Ironically many books and messages I had recieved before were finally at the right place, I was ready to hear them and to accept them.

So I feel like most spiritual leaders have the same messages, they are packaged differently and the words might be different, but it is usually about living in the moment, forgiving, finding balance and getting centered. About eating healthy, exercising and postiive thinking. Self-love and compassion are also a big part of the spiritual journey. Usually affirmations and meditations arealso  used.

I´m not saying this is every message from every spiritual leader, this is very basic and general. But those are most important messages on a very basic level I have understood and recieved. These are things I have been working on and that have helped me to improve my situation.

Sometimes I still strugge to include everything in my life, but it is getting better with every day. As I can see, feel and experience in every day situations how much it helps me.

So why are these spiritual practices so important?

Firstly, if the spiritual part is whats holding you back from meditating then you shouldn´t see it as a spiritual pactice. It is a practice of meeting yourself, a practice of comming closer to your true, inner self and closer until you are completely your true essence without any outer expectations or any masks covering up what is underneath.

Secondly, if you feel like this is not what you are looking for or what you need for you live. The question is what do you need or what do you want? Usually this questions always, always leads to finding inner peace, healing yourself. And all that you can find through those exercises. And if you don´t know what you are looking for but feel like you are on a constant search – then again it is finding your true self. It means that you are not living up to how or who you really are.

If we see the body not only as something physical, we can see that there is also a lot of energy in our body. And that energy can be blocked, those blockage can evoke such as big problems as physical harm. The same goes for psycological issues.

Everything manifests in the body.

So healing always includes more than just taking a pill, a pill can calm the symptoms but will never fight / cure the cause. A normal treatment does the same, it might cure the symptomes but it will come back again. It will come back until we cure the actual cause.

To be able to cure the actual cause we need to dig deeper. We need to cure our whole self, our being.

We can only be cured, if we are our true self. Of course there are people who automatically are their true self, they never lost their way. But many people through the influcence of others, media or preassure we put on ourselves have tried to be something or someone we are actually not. So we need to find our way back to what it means to live according our own standards, to our own principals and to be who we truly are.

Sometimes we even forgot who we are, and then the first step is to find out who we are and what we really want.

There is no better way to do that than through meditation.

So meditation is an essencial part of findig balance, being centered and of finding ourselves.

Only then we can be truly happy and only then we can be healthy. The body and mind feel if we are not who we are and will never be ok if we are not. Especially the mind will always be confliced, and a confliced mind will always influence the body in a bad or disturbing way.

If we are trying to heal, self-love and self-talk are very important too – who can heal if we are constantly telling ourselves that we will never be albe to feel good again or that we will never heal. All our thoughts become reality, as our brain believes what we tell it.

Have you seen that many people who you thought were full of themselves just got what they wanted, over and over again? And you wondered, why they? Even if they don´t care about others, they just reach every goal they have? Because they believe in themselves, they don´t doubt. They don´t wonder if they deserve it. So they get what they want.

And so can you. Read more about it here:

Living in the moment seems such a big messages from so many spirtual guides. Why is that important?

I wonder how I will manage to pay for something that is six month ahead. And that is making me stressed already, it influnces my life right now. I am mad about a situation right now and think about those good old times when I didn´t have that life-changing ear ringing  – how good my life was back then. Of course that is making me even more depressed, because it highlights even more my problems in my current situation and brings up nostalgia for my past.  Being present doesn´t mean not to plan ahead, of course I still have to save up to make a bigger payment in six months, but I don´t dive into a big pile of bad feelings and worry about things that are not true right now.

And what is true right now?

I´m writing this article right now. Nothing else. That is the only thing that I´m doing right now. And if I see the world like that it is a whole lot easier. If we worry less, we feel better and we can be more active. If we worry less, and if we don´t get depressed about things we can´t change – our lives wil be easier. Our bodies feel better if we are in a good mood.

This is of course too short – there is a whole lot more to this topic.

Read more about it here:


What I wanted to emphizise today is, that I wondered myself if healig means to have to deal with those kind of topics.

And I can honestly say I do.

Like I said, I think healing is about healing our body as a whole. So moving your body in some way and eating healthy are the basis you then build on. As healing is not just about healing the sympoms your body is showing you also the need to heal what there is it heal in your mind and soul. That of course that is a lot harder to heal.

In order to reach that kind of well-being and healing I believe meditation and working on your self-love and self-talk is essential.

Of course there many different ways to do that. I´not saying everybody has to sit down on a meditation pillow from now on to heal. I think there are so many different vessels for the right message, that you just need to find the right outlet for you.

I read once, everything that you do mindfully is a meditation. So if you go for a walk in the woods and you are noticing all the beautiful flowers, trees and animals. That can be your meditation. I have a friend who goes fishing regularily, she just sits there for hours staring at the water – that is her meditation.

This is about finding what message and what words resonate with you. What feels good for you and what makes you feel good about yourself.

There are many people who write, who make lists or who go to a therpist in order to find themselves.

So find the right way for your healing journey.

Healing is never just taking care of one part of your body. It is always about your body, mind and soul. About balancing everything out, balancing hormones, energy or the blood flow. What ever needs balancing.

But as always if there is somethig not ok in one part, that means that in another part something isn´t ok either. Doesn´t that just sound like math? If we have too much energy at one point, there must be too less at another point.

So yes, healing is about the whole you. That includes spirtual stuff, whatever that means to you. To some people that means religion and praying to their god. To others it means to meditate, to others it means to do yoga, to others it means to go into the woods and enjoy nature. Spirituality isn´t a fixed term, which means the same for everyone.

Find your own spiritual way to heal your mind and and soul.

So what is spirituality for you?


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