I´ll indulge myself just a little – I deserve it

I do so many things to make myself feel better and life with tinnitus more enjoyable, but sometimes I feel like I need to follow so many rules and that my life is full of restrictions.

When that feeling gets really strong I just want to break free…

I want to feel normal again and I just don´t like restrictions. I try to heal healthy and I try not to eat a lot of things. So I think I really miss sweets or salty snacks and sometimes I really miss just a pizza or gluten produtcs in general.

Then I get tired of working out and you know…I just want to relax and have a dounat or a muffin with a really strong coffee or better yet with a mocca frappé.

Then I think, oh my gosh I am such a good girl and take care of my body and mind and I really deserve to indulge myself a little once in a while. Right? So today I´m getting myself a frappé with wiped cream and just a tiny little bit of gluten – a tiny cookie.

So that day passes and two days later I think, nothing bad happend that day I am son such a good path…if it is just a small chocolate bar, that is ok.

Then two days later I think..why am I eating fruit….I´m craving something sweet and I´m not talking about sweet fruit. Oh let´s just get a small ice cream.

After two days…

You see where I´m going – I feel like I have the right to indulge myself all the time and in the end I´m cheating on my tinnitus diet and overindulge.

Then I end up feeling incredibly bad, I want to do something to feel better and I make myself promises on how I will behave better, like a child to parent who is about to punish it. I feel like I need to do a stronger workout or workout more, maybe eat less the rest of the day or just eat fruit…and so on and so on.

Is that healthy? NO!

I´m just getting crazy mad at myself which is not helping my selfimage nor my selfesteem, which both ot them  I want to raise and work on. So that is totally contraproductive. Also I start seeing experice as a form of punishment and not as a fun thing to do, plus I start labeling food and makeing the feeling of some food being the enemy even stronger.

Than can just lead to an unsuccessful end.

So I can I enjoy things I like and at the same time stay on track with my tinnitus diet as well as with my plan to work on my mind to feel better and think more positive again?!

It actually isn´t very hard, but I´m still working on it on my own.

  1. I try to find substitutes

what could I eat when I have that craving. As every person is different, you have to see for youself what works for you.

For example: As coffee is said to be bad for tinnitus I started drinking this kind of barley coffee, it took some adjustment but now I really like it. And yes, I do trink a coffe once in a while and then I sit down and really enjoy every sip of it – until the last drop. It is a celebration – something special and nothing to feel bad about.

Also I started to make my own snacks, I made a super delicious chickpee snack which is healthy and just as good as salty nuts or chips.

When I really have a craving for something sweet I eat dark chocolate or dried fruit. Right now I´m addicted to dried mango!

  1. Make it a celebration –

mindful eating and drinking! It helps when you don´t eat just while you do something else or while you watch TV. Be aware what you are giving you body. Just sit down and look at your food and chew it properly. Enjoy eating it and you´ll see, you wouldn´t want to have something that is not healthy or not according to your nutrituion plan.

  1. No punishment!

If you indulged yourself or you even feel like you overindulged, just get over it. It was good, right? So just forget about it and move on with your normal nutrition plan. Punishment never brings something good, it makes you feel bad and isn´t productive. We want to feel good about yourselves!

  1. No lables!

Just because you are not eating it doesn´t mean it is bad. It is just something you are not choosing to eat, you are choosing other things. Lables also lead to bringing yourself down and to feeling restricted and who likes to feel restricted?

  1. Feel like your tinnitus is limiting your diet?

Oh hell no! It is giving you such great alternatives. And oh my have I struggled with this…and still do sometimes. For me it is really helpful to do a meal plan and to buy the things before hand. That way I can look for great and tasty meals which don´t make me feel like I´m missing out.

6. Plan ahead!

This was my most important lesson. If I come home super tired and hungry after work, I don´t feel like standing in the kitchen for even 30 min. to prepare something…so what do you have? A sandwich, of course. As I´m trying to avoid gluten that is not my go-to food, it is just super easy. If there is something prepared in my fridge already…that is a whole other story! And I´m not even thinking about that bread anymore.


Overindulging is a thing, but as you see it is as almost always your own viewpoint or angle of things and it can also be prevented.



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