How to overcome tinnitus induced depression

Does or did your tinnitus make you depressed?

When I first had my tinnitus I got super depressed, I thought my life was over . . . I was sure I could not go on like that.

When you are in that dark place you can´t handle tinnitus at all – at least I couldn´t. To be able to work on habituation or to find ways to stand this ear ringing you need to be strong, stable and feel good.

So what did I do to get to this point, to bring myself to not notice my tinnitus as much or to not feel like it is bringing my life to an end.

It is important to know that it was not a quick change. It took time and it happened gradualy….so here we go:

  1. I made a decision

I knew if I not decided to feel good, it would not happen. So I decided, not just once but every day again that I felt good, that it was time to be well. I also took the decision to take action to work on it. To work on my well-being, to invest in myself.


  1. Affirmations

To put my new decision into action I had to get rid of my negative thoughts. On my hunt of positivity I found Louise Hay and used her affirmations to become more positive. To find back to my self-confidence my tinnitus had taken from me and to get back my power and strength I just used Louise Hay audios’ and listened to them over and over again. Those tapes helped me to finally feel like myself again or rather to remember who I had been and wake that desire to want to be myself again , to not be the victim of by tinnitus anylonger.

Read more here:


  1. Active

Being active still helps me every day to be able to handle daily situations. Sports and yoga help me to be strong, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. I can manage difficult situations better and don´t get bothered by my peeping as much when I am active enough.

What means active enough?

Doing sports on a a daily basis. No so that I get high blood pressure, that drives my tinnitus crazy. But I feel like I have to do enough sports to produce enough endorphins to reach that state of relaxation, a certain level of relaxation helps me to not take everything literally and so seriously. For a good workout at the gym to fulfill those criteria I´m usually at the gym for 45 to 60 min.

Of course it doesn´t have to be weight lifting, find the perfect physical activity that suites you practice it on a daily basis.


  1. Stillness

Sounds weird, because I haven’t heard stillness in over 9 years . . . but I’m talking about inner stillness here. I have always tried to run from one place to another to find fulfillment and to find myself. I´m not saying that I have totally found my inner self, but as closer I get as calmer I am and as happier I get. Meditation is a great way to find inner stillness, or to get out to nature….I usually use guided meditations as I can´t stand outer stillness for too long.


  1. Information

In order to heal you need to be informed about your condition. Only if you know what is really going and only if you understand what is happening to you and your body, you can learn how to live with it and how to handle it. Getting to know the theories about tinnitus, possible causes and the consequences helped me to not feel so helpless and to see that I´m not alone.


  1. Not treat myself as sick

After getting tinnitus I thought of myself as the constantly sick person, I restricted myself more than necessary as I felt like as a sick person I couldn´t do what other people did. I had to realize that I was only as sick as I considered myself, when I thought of myself as not sick I instantly felt better and more able to do things than before. Your state of mind changes everything. Of course I didn´t feel better because of it, but I suddenly felt like it was not impossible to do things and I didn´t limit myself as much anymore. I tried out more things as I didn´t think of myself as the poor constantly sick and weak person. I felt strong enough again to do things.


  1. Go out

Yes, go out!

And no, I don´t mean to places where there is loud music and a ton of people. I´m talking about not hiding out in the safe space of your home but facing the real world out there. Meeting friends, going hiking, riding your bike, going for ice cream . . . whatever you enjoy doing. Do it. Don´t hide. Go out there and do it.

Being active is good for you and for driving away that feeling of being alone in this, of not being able to enjoy life anymore.



  1. Meet friends

Even though meeting friends was really hard for me at the beginning, it is important to stay connected to others. Getting disconnected from everybody just duplicates the feeling of being alone in this. Even though I didn´t want to talk about it, just spending time with others helped me to feel like others where there for me. Often I didn´t feel like leaving the house at all, so I just invited friends over. This way I didn´t have to overcome the hurdle of leaving my house but still could be with someone.



  1. Distraction

Sounds like a joke?

But I mean it. I distracted myself all the time and now I still do if I can´t take my mind of my tinnitus and feel desperation crawling up on me.

I distracted myself with music, with tv shows, with any sort of sound….then I started with meditation. Just anything and everything that would take my mind of the tinnitus and that it drove me crazy.

I had days that I didn´t spend even a few seconds without any outside noise. I would constantly put something on to take the focus of my own peeping sound.



  1. Sleep

Of course when depressed I slept more than I usually did, but I never had a good night sleep. When I woke up I felt worse than before, more exhausted, sadder and just flat out horrible.

Once I got a good night sleep back I also felt better when waking up!

Read more about how I got my good night sleep back here:


These are the steps I took on to get out of that bottomless pit. Once I was out of there I was finally able to concentrate on my healing journey.


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