How to get rid of negativity induced by your tinnitus?

Has your tinnitus brought a lot of negative thoughts with it?

 Are you caught in a vicious cycle about that your life isn´t worth living anymore and that you can´t go on like this?

I know it well.

I had the same thoughts and feelings going round and round in my head too. BUT I got over it.

I am not saying it is easy to just shut up the mind and I had to train myself to turn off that negative self-talk and jump on the positive thinking movement. As I said, it took me a lot of training…I wasn´t able to meditate from one day to the next. Neither was I able to turn every thought around into a positive thought or affirmation.

When caught up in negativity the knowledge that it will get better in the future is not so helpful, because we want to feel better NOW and not in a few weeks or months.

Tinnitus is bad enough, at least in the beginning, so we don´t need to add to the emotional load by feeding our negative thoughts. Here a few tips how to get rid of those:

Tip 1: Shake it off

Have you ever observed animals after fighting? They shake their whole body…to get those energies and emotions out of their system. Feelings are not just in our head, no they manifest also in our body.

Get them out of your body so they don´t get stuck in it and at the same time your mind will let go at the same time. Just stand up and lean forward. Now shake your whole body. It is more fun if you put on some music you love.

Tip 2: Dance it off

It is similar to the first tip, but this time just put on music and dance as there is no tomorrow.

Moving our body like that helps us to get the energies in our body and mind flowing – and of course our favorite music makes us happy. The combination of those to factors can contribute to you having a wonderful time and even forgetting about your ear ringing for a while.

And if you want to say now that you can´t listen to music anymore: Of course choose some music that doesn´t include any sounds that hurt your ears and don´t turn the volume up too much. My taste in music actually changed a bit after I got my tinnitus, so it might not be your current favorite song, but one you like and that makes you happy.

Tip 3: Burn your feelings

Write your negative feelings on a piece of paper, write down how it feels and how it affects you. Use for each feeling on piece of paper.

Then tear them up and burn them. (of course safely –  maybe in a sink)

When you set fire on those papers recall that you are letting go of those emotions and that you don´t let them in anymore.

Tip 4: Throw your feelings out

Write each negative emotion on a stone. (yes, a stone)

Take the stones, just as much as you can carry easily, put them in a backpack and take them out. Ideally on a hill or mountain. Once you are there take one stone after another and throw it – focusing on the feeling of letting go of that topic.

Of course make sure you throw in way you don´t hurt anybody. We don´t want to cause damage to others.

This is active, being active already helps to feel better…combining that with an action of letting go and not just a letting go of an thought it can help to shift the focus of  your mind!

Tip 5: Distraction

Do something! Anything! No matter what you do, just do something with all your heart.

Find something you really love and you can dedicate your whole attention to – do it.

For example I love yoga, when I do yoga I have never been caught up in a vicious cycle – because I was focused on getting my poses right. Being in a flow, those feelings won’t be the first thing on your mind anymore.

It could be watching a movie or something like that, but an activity that involves some sort of movement would be better.

Tip 6: Feel it and breathe it away

This might be a technique not everybody is comfortable with and I would only suggest you to use this one if you feel like you can handle it.

When the negative emotion is there, try to locate it in your body. Where is it and how does it feel there? Is it like a burn, sting or is it clinging on to some organs….? What color is it?

Let yourself feel it deeply and profoundly visualizing it exactly the way you just pictured it above. When you are in that state, imagine a white light coming in from the outside driving it away.

Repeat that as often as necessary.

Tip 7: Meditate

Meditation can help to clear your mind!

When you seem to can´t get a handle of that negative chatter going on in your mind, try to calm your mind by meditating!

There are many different ways to meditate, maybe just go online and put a guided meditation on. Focus on the words being said and relax into them. Feel those words!

Or think about an affirmation or mantra and repeat it until you have made a round with your meditation beads. You don´t have to sit down in quiet ever to meditate. Use music, audios or your own voice to mask the tinnitus while mediating.

Meditate for like 10 minutes and you´ll feel better!

Tip 8: Sports!

Sports isn’t just healthy generally, it has the effect of calming one down. Of course it sets free endorphins and so you are super happy and in a great mood afterwards.

If caught up in negative thoughts that don´t seem to end – why don´t you go and workout.

It doesn´t really matter what sports you do, it is important to stay active, especically on those days you don´t feel like it. On those days you need it the most and benefit the most! It helps you stand your tinnitus and of course it improves your immune system and your health…a healthier body is also better for your life with tinnitus and a stronger mind does that also.

I hope these quick techniques help you to break free of a negative cycle you might find yourself in. Your mindset is everything in dealing with tinnitus – the more positive you are the better you will feel and the easier it becomes to deal with this condition.

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