How to get over a bad tinnitus day?!

Every few months I used to get sinusitis, which means that the tinnitus is a lot louder. Every time I thought that it couldn´t possibliy get any louder, but it did.

Through that experience I got really scared of sinus infections, this might lead to a situation where I am encouraging my body to get sick. I get so scared of it, that tiny drafts cause me to fear an infection that much that it is hard for me to think about anything else.

And as I read in the book „The power of your subconscious mind“, your subconscious mind accepts everything as true what you think. So I am wondering if I make it basically happen, getting sick that often because I´m thinking about it all the time. Often it even happened that I thought about not having been sick in a while and thought about it then all the time in fear when the next sinus attack might strike me down. Maybe that thought manifested and caused the illness to break out.

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Sinus infections are my weak point, the physical cause of my tinnitus and the constant cause of making it louder. A natural healer told me once that sinus infections mean, the body is shutting the ears down because it doesn´t want to listen to something. The same I was told about tinnitus, so that might be connected.

Other sources for a bad tinnitus day are stress or being exessevily worried about something. Sometimes it is still hard to pinpoint what exactly caused it to flare up that like that. I´m sure that sometimes it has to do with food, a bad nights sleep or any other discomfort I have or feel.

But no matter what causes it, those bad days have in common that the ear ringing is super loud.

If my tinnitus is even louder than usual I feel like I have no control over my life because, it makes it hard to listen to a normal conversation, watch a movie and it takes away my concentration from anything else. On top of it I get so emotional, that I can´t keep up with the emotional rollercoaster it takes me on and it stressed me out having to ride it.

I start to hate everything and just want to lay in bed and disappear – to not exist anymore. It makes me feel like life is too hard and impossible to be lived. I usually just hopped on the emotional rollercoaster for quite a bit, slept a lot and got mad very quickly. In those situations I usually seem not to be able to control myself.

I wonder if you can relate to those feelings?!

This has happend to me so many times now that I can´t even name a number anymore. Let´s just say too many times. Getting sucked into this negative cycle seemed impossible to escape, but everytime I got over it I wondered what I could do to not have to go through it again and how to turn my day around in those situations.

I asked for advice and got my own advice back, that every day isn´t the same. That is just so true, some days are really bad, but with time we also learn that those days go by and new days will bring new opportunities to make our lives better.

How can we get over such a bad day?

Just knowing that it will not be so bad the next day doesn´t make me feel good at that moment. But that knowledge helps me not falling into a bottomless pit. There is a bottom now and it is called tomorrow, the next day usually isn´t as bad. So it is not like I am falling and falling into a hopeless future.

What else is there to do?

I usually just try to stay home, drowning myself in selfpitty and sorrow. And it seems like that is the only thing I want to do in those moments, but I tried to change my pattern.

Something that I really found what helps is to meet a friend. To talk, to drink a cup of tea or coffee or whatever or to watch a movie together. To go on a trip or to do what ever together. It is about having someone there, to have a good time.

Of course that doesn´t change anything about my tinnitus, but it raises my mood. It makes me feel better and when I feel better it is easier to deal with that annoying ear noise.

So I guess it is all about changing our pattern, not falling in a hole of self-pitty, but doing something what we like and getting out there and not hiding out at home (in bed). It probably doesn´t even matter what we are doing, we just have to do something that brings us pleasure and something that distracts our thoughts from circulating around the same topic over and over again: how horrible life with tinnitus is.

Another thing that you might want to think about is food.

I am an emotional eater. Having a bad tinnitus day would cause me to eat pizza, mufffins, chips, ice cream and so on at once. I though it would make me feel better. It comforted me for a while, but in the end it just makes me feel bad and sick.

So why not eat uplifting foods?

When I just got my tinnitus, one of the doctors I went to recommend I´d eat lighter in general. He said feeling light in the stomach helps to feel lighter in general. And the thing about is, it is right when I am down…I feel heavy and slow. So eating something fresh and light does lift my spirts. A lot of times I would eat fruit and drink something refreshing like sparking water. My favorite fruit have always been grapes, so mostly I would eat a ton of grapes.

Beating my habit of eating junk food when feeling depressed wasn´t easy and sometimes still isn´t. I would eat a whole box of pringles chips when being blue. It takes me to consciously decide to not have chips and to go for something lighter and healthier. The good news is the more often I decided to not have chips or any other comfort food the easier it got.

Getting more into the power of food and reading the books from Anthony William, I found out that it would be good to have apricots as they are fruits which can help to stabilize energetically, produce more red blood cells and strenghten the heart as well as the brain. He also says that avocados, bananas, berries, cherries, kiwis, mangos, melons, papayas, GRAPES, potatoes and many more are beneficial when feeling depressed.

In his books he names each benefit of each fruit or vegetable and how it helps to feel better. I think in that moment the most important thing is to eat food that you like to eat and that isn´t too heavy. Eating something I love makes me already happier, so why not use that.

And there is always dark chocolate – we all have probably heard how dark chocolate increases the serotonin level and boosts our mood.

If you have light food that makes you feel good, you might just feel ready to head out, do something, get active or simply feel better.  It actually helps me to feel lighter to feel better.

For me it is mostly a combination of different things that works best. Here are a few other things that depending on the day (each day is different) make me feel better and help me to handle my bad tinnitus day.

  1. I love to watch a funny movie to get a good laugh.

Laughing even though when not feeling that well really lightens my mood. For that I just need a really funny movie that makes me burst out laughing. The only thing that stands in the way is that I usually choose sad movies when I´m depressed. So I just need to mindfully choose a funny movie instead. A lot of times it works out really well!

Read here how to laugh more:


  1. Dive into old memories!

Do you remember the last time you were really happy, you just loved your live and were just content all around. Go back to that moment in your mind, relive it again – let your memory get refreshed. I don´t mean to live in the past and to wallow over the good old times, reliving a positive experience for just a short time can uplift the spirits as for the brain it doesn´t make a difference if it is something that is present or just pulled up from our memory.


  1. Listen to music.

Do you have a favorite song or a happy song? Then listen to it! I usually listen to 50ies Rock – it makes me feel better almost right away.


  1. Yoga or Sports

This might be hard if you feel like you can´t get up because you are so down, but if you can get over yourself you will get a super high due to the produced dopamine. For me it is easier if I tell myself to just do a short, really soft yoga video and once I´m on it I often decide to just keep going and to do another video. As I usually go to the gym everyday I just tell myself that I can´t break with my routine and that I have to go – don´t give myself a choice. No option to not go. Even though I don´t want to go, it always ends up being a great desicion and helping me to feel good.

Read more about it here:


  1. Dance it out!

Ever wondered why you feel so great after going out dancing? Firstly you listen to the music you love and dancing sets free a ton of endorphis. Secondly it reduces the stress hormones and makes you feel alive – you can feel your body. So just dance those negative feelings away. I don´t mean to go out and dance in a club. Just in your own home – turn up the music to a volume you can stand and then dance. I haven´t done it a lot, I felt weired dancing alone at home but after reading the book „Ida“ by Eva-Maria Zurhorst I got encouraged to try it and it really makes me feel good!

This is how I do it:


  1. Do some good

This is advice I have read so many times . . . if you feel down help someone else and it will make you feel good as well. I have tried this in small steps, not that I went out and made big dontations or built a house for someone. No, I just wrote an estranged friend that I miss her or that I care about her. I wrote dear friends long messages or called them up, holding my current sorrow back and asking about them and talking mostly about them. That helped them, at least I hope so, and makes me feel so good and happy that for a while I actually forget that I was so blue.


  1. Meditate

Meditation is really hard for me when I´m down, because it challanges me to let go of my thoughts in those moments. So I usually do guided meditations – just to get a break from my negative vicious circle. Even though my thoughts might wonder off a lot more on those days, it helps me to get some distance and to think about something else.

Read more about my meditation practice here:


  1. Journal

Writting an entry in my journal – getting out how I feel, helps me to let go. Jotting down positive things about my life and / or things I´m grateful for helps to shift my focus.

Read more about my journaling here:


Not everything might work for you, it is also about finding something that fits you. For me, not every Bad Tinnitus Day is the same, some days one thing works better and the next time something else works better. Just go with your guts. Try something that makes you happy and do what you feel like doing. And don´t forget – it won´t last forever, this bad day too shall pass.

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