How my tinnitus helped me to look cute!

My ears have always been sensitive, since I got my ear ringing it is even worse. A light draft really bothers my ears and it often results in an ear infection or sinusitis which then makes my tinnitus worse.

Because of that I have started to always protect my ears and I have really grown to like handbands. So I am not only taking care of my ears, I think that headbands look super cute also!

At first I didn´t really care, I just put something on that covered my ears up.  As I kept receiving more and more compliments, I bought more and more  headbands to match with different styles and outfits.

They were not only practical anymore, they became a way to pimp my outfits and to complete my style.  I grew to really like wearing headbands and so the feeling,  which I had in beginning, that I was different because I had to wear them because of my tinnitus went away.

Also I really like the Rockabilly style and I just used those bandanas and instead of having them a little behind the ears, I just pull them over the ears when outside and pull them back when inside.

I have gotten so used to it, that now I feel weired when I go outside without one. Which is great, because I hardly ever forget to bring one with me and so my ears are always protected.

Of course it doesn´t have to be a headband, a hat or beannie works also, especially when it is cold. There are also light hats which can be worn all year round, I usually always take one of those with me anywhere I go. I always make sure that it covers my ears well, otherwise it doesn´t serve me.


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