Holistic healer as tinnitus healer?!

I have gone to so many different healers that I can´t even name them anymore, but my ear ringing never stoped.

Hope dies last – so I tried once more going to a holistic healer.

She is a very nice Peruvian lady and just walking into the room and looking at her made me feel better already. Her aura is amazing, she is warm and has such an understanding and nature.

Holistic Healing

The treatment started by her analizing my iris, once she was done  I was like, ok where should I shovel my grave?! So many things showed up to be wrong with me.  We started with my stomach and intestines, she said nothing can be healed when the intestinal flora isn´t intact as it influences the whole body, the immune system.  I had to do a cleansing.

Read about it here: https://thetinnituslife.com/2017/07/16/tinnitus-and-diet/

Otherwise she gave me several treatments, like acupuncture and cupping therapy. She also hooked me up with a chiropractor.

But nothing of that really showed the desired results. The one thing that helped the most was talking to her. She inspired me.

After a few sessions, she told me that she was convinced that my tinnitus was a result of not listening to my inner voice, of not living the real me, not doing what I really want to do and so in the end not being my real self.

Some other natural healers had said something similar before, I am not sure why I listend and agreed this time. She got me started on a journey of self discovery and looking for my inner wishes and desires.

She said I had been searching for far too lang and that it was time to arrive, Arrive within me. Get to know my real self and act accordingly.

There she got me, I have been looking for fulfillment my whole life but no matter where I went and what I did – I never reached a satisfying level of fulfillment. And that has kept me restless.

Self discovery

This does not mean that I found answers yet, but I feel more on track. Not as trapped anymore….I started working on thinking more positive again. I took up meditation and I am reading a few books on self discovery.

I still have long ways to go. It is still hard for me, putting myself first, I always do everyting for others and put my wishes and desires last, I still have a hard time saying no and so on. The list still is long…but as I am trying to think positive all the time, I just want to think about what I have achieved already.

I know what I have to do, just follow the great path this holistic healer has layed out for me and I am so greatful for it. I do yoga regularly, I go to the gym regularly and I meditate, I watch my diet and I am reading about positive thinking.

Even it if doesn´t help my tinnitus, it won´t hurt and will bring me further in life.

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