Healing takes commitment

You want to heal, right?!

How do you want to heal?

What kind of question is that, you wonder?

Well, I always wanted to just take some sort of medicine and get it over with. Not just with tinnitus but with every illness I have ever had.

Because…not feeling well – who needs it?!

NOT me. I thought there was no point in wasting my time by trying to see if it passes or by finding out where it was coming from.

But then tinnitus hit me hard. It brought me to my knees and forced me to accept, that each illness has a root and that everything is connected. Connected within my body and in the environment. That healing actually has to do with healing my body, mind and soul. As nothing can be seen or treated on it´s own – because that doesn´t not exist. All is one. And if you try to treat just a little part of it, it affects the whole system again – just shifting the problem somewhere else. Or just suppressing the symptom.

Tinnitus also forced me to accept, after years and years of desperately looking for different healing methods, my current situation. To accept the ear ringing and to see that this is what is right now – but does not mean it has to be like that in the future.

Once I was able to accept all that I already felt better. Being in a better place I could finally check for something that works for me to manifest a different future.  A better future. A future, in which I don´t have tinnitus or habituate as much that I don´t feel bad anymore.

Now, many people ask me why I still look for something to make my ear ringing better even though I supposedly accepted it. I accepted my current situation, but that does not mean I want to be in this situation for my whole life. Accepting the present means, being ok with the NOW and not being resentful or clinging to the past. BUT manifesting a different future is ok, if not living in a dream world.

AND I still want to look for something to heal – because I feel with my heart that I am not well. I want to heal completely – my whole body, mind and spirit AND live a balanced life. Feeling in sync with myself and my body.

So that is why I still try to find the best way for me to heal – even though I am not down or depressed due to my tinnitus anymore.

For me healing doesn´t only mean to get rid of that sound in my ear. It also means to get rid of my other symptoms – as I think everything is connected.

I do have tinnitus, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, stomach problems (due to taking a ton of pills…), skin problems and forgetfulness. To name the main symptoms and difficulties.

On my journey I have tried soooooo many different things. I tried autogenic training, different types of homeopathy, chiropractic, shamanic treatment, different kinds of medication, acupuncture, cupping and supplements, massages . . . .just to name a few.

But nothing helped! NOTHING!

So how can you find the right way to heal?

Like I mentioned above, everything is connected – meaning it has to be a treatment that works on everything at the same time. That sees you and your body as a whole. AND it has to work for you! You have to believe in it and you need to be able to go through with it.

AND now the most crucial part: commitment!

All those treatments I have tried – they may work . . . but for how long did I give them a shot? Sometimes just once or twice. Often for a few weeks.

After a few weeks my ego usually set in and said: “This is never going to work, you will suffer forever and your life will always be like that – you are damned to live a miserable life.”

Of course I listened to that voice, I thought that I was getting ripped off and that I spend all that money for nothing. I was sure that nothing I did would help me and my situation would always be the same. I cooked up some weird stuff in my head why I deserved to life like that and stopped that treatment.

A few weeks later I read or heard about something else and thought that might help…they cycle started all over again. I went a few times and then my ego set in.

But healing takes time.

It is like exercising, you won´t grow your muscles and have a toned body by going to the gym once or twice.

No, it takes repetition after repetition to set in. And how could I heal something I have had for so long in such a short period of time.

In order to heal you need to start new habits and adopt the style of life that can lead you to that path and goal you want to be on.

It is similar to a relationship – you commit to a partner. It is not just the one day you commit to being with that person, no it is about committing to that partner every day again. AND then starts the real work . . . have the relationship and do your part.

Well, I is the same with healing – If I eat right one day it is good but won´t change my life at that instant. Depending on what is going on in your body you need to keep doing the right thing every day until the root of your problem is eliminated.

So talking about the root cause – the medical medium says that the root cause for tinnitus is the Epstein-Barr-Virus. And as I have had the virus and shown other symptoms he mentions I believe him. I read his books and was convinced it was what was going on in my body.

He says there are 4 different stages of the Epstein-Barr-Virus and even though doctors say, it is gone – it is just not there in the blood work anymore as its gone to the organs and one by one it affects more and more organs. Feeds of them and grows. Stages for includes tinnitus.

Read more about it here: http://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/epstein-barr-virus

So just like always, I started out super motivated and did the 28 day cleanse to kick of the suggested diet to starve out the virus. I made me feel great, but no major changes. So after I while I thought how hard it was to stick to a routine like that and that I really loved bread, pizza, pasta and sweets….

So little by little I loosed and loosed the dietary suggestions until I didn´t really follow them anymore at all.

BUT when you are in a committed relationship you don´t loosed that committed even though you hit rough times or need to make compromises, right?

Why are we doing it with our health?

I think we need to believe in it. If we believe in it – we are usually willing to commit! Isn´t that the case in relationships? When we believe it could lead somewhere and this person loves us, is for us – then we are willing to commit.

I just got another encouragement seeing more and more people healing by following Anthony William aka the Medical Medium. BUT: they stayed on track with his method for months and months  – sometimes even for years. AND then they found healing. Some report about doubts but never giving up.

So yes, I always know healing doesn´t happen over night . . . but mostly I thought it was about finding the right method and once I clicked with the right treatment plan healing would just set in super quick!

Here it was again, my wish to just take something in order to be like a new person.

Healing means to commit every day to your treatment plan. To believe in it and to continue with it – day after day until you can see some improvement. Every little improvement is an indicator that it is working.

My plan is to follow the medical medium, to stick to the dietary adjustment he suggests like cutting out gluten, dairy, eggs, canola oil, soy, corn, processed beet sugar, pork, farmed fish, MSG, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, natural flavors, and citric acid. He suggest to eat mostly fresh fruit and vegetables, while certain foods help to improve different conditions.

That is to heal my body, then I need to heal my mind and spirit with yoga, meditation, affirmations…and so on.

So it seems a lot of work and changes that I have to implement into my life that already did…what really helped was to use plans and develop routines.

Reminding myself of why I do it and how it makes me feel to do it differently really helps to stay on track. Just like I chose to be vegan and every day I chose not to eat animal products or just like I chose to be in a committed relationship it is in my power to choose my healing path day after day after day.

So decide what you want to do – believe in it and then stick with it. Commit to it and make it your lifestyle.

Like I say plans and short term goals make it easier.

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