Healing Body and Mind with typical Andean Medicine

I have always been open to new things and trying out alternative and different medicine styles to heal or relief my tinnitus.

Being in Peru opened a few doors in that sence, I have tried Ayhacuas already (read hear:  https://thetinnituslife.com/2017/12/10/peruvian-medicine-ayahuasca/  )

And now I have tried San Pedro or in Quechua Wachuma.

What is San Pedro and why should it help to improve ear rinnging?

It is a fast-growing columnar cactus, which grows in some countries in Southamerica. For over 3,000 years it has been used for religious cermoneys and as medicine. A Shamen has to prepare a liquid by cooking the cactus. It has a psychoactive element called mesacline.

And it is said to be able to heal deep wounds from the past and inner afflictions – physically, mentally and emotionally. Supposedly you can retrieving your power again that you have given away to some experience, person or situation a long time ago.

So I thought if I drink it, it could help me with my inner problems that might have caused my tinnitus or it could show me at least what my inner wounds are – so I can work on it.

San Pedro Ceremony

People in the Andes, especially the Inkas, were very connected with nature. So can´t just go ahead and drink it. The Shamen first builds a little alter to thank mother earth for the medicine and to ask it to heal and help the people drinking it.

Mapacho is a big part of this ceremony, it is pure tabacco and in the Andes it has been used by Shamen as healing plant. In ceremonies it is used as a protection, it is said to have a protective plant spirit. So the Shamen blows the smoke of the San Pedro and then also over the people drinking it, in oder to protect them from bad spirits.

Then you drink one cup of the the healing medicine – ugh and it tastes horrible. So we had a little bit of water afterwards.

Well and then you basically hang out, we chose this beautiful place in the Andean mountains, which was a Inka temple. The temple of Water. People always say that those places have a lot of energy but I have never sensed it before. That day I did. To a point that I couldn´t stand it anymore.

The effect starts about 20 minutes after drinking it, but you are supposed to barf. Barfing is about cleaning the body and about getting everything out that has to get out. Not only what is in your stomach, also emotions, feelings, fears and so on.

Mine just didn´t want to come out, I had to drink to more times. Well, not a full cup – just a little bit. And then it came out. But not in the form of barfing, the Shamen told me to lay  down and we talked and then somehow we talked about my grandmother. And a lot of emotions came up. I don´t really remember everything, I was a child again and spending time with my grandma and I grew up and I saw everything I regreted and so on. When I „came back“ I realised how much I had cried.

Afterwards I felt better and I sat down in different parts of the old castle and I spaced out . . . I don´t really remember everything. Some was about my life now and some was about my past. And then weirdly some was about pasts I wasn´t even alive, like the Inkas who had lived there and then I just really, really connected with nature.

You see how alive nature is and how beautiful it is – it reminded me to spend more time outside again and not like in an activity, no just haning out at a beautiful place in the mountains or woods.

It made me feel connected to the whole world and made feel part of nature. San Pedro is said to be able to ground you and that is true, I felt really grounded. I felt like I had to rethink my priorities and connect in real life more with nature and act not as an indivudial but as part of a big whole.

So far so good. It was nice and then even the sun came out and it was just a beautiful day. But then we went home and I felt just awful. Like my worst hangover. I had the worst headache and the stomack started to feel sick.

So it might have been becasue I had never really thrown up there and I didn´t drink a lot through out the whole day – that might have produced my headache.

I was told, that trying those things once is nothing – you have to try them more often. It is recommended to drink San Pedro and Ayahuasca about three times. Then it will show its full effect.

I´m still mulling over it.



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