Go to a Shamen for Tinnitus?

Yes, I did!

I am not a very spiritual person, nor am I believing to much in alternative treatments.

Finding a solution for my ear ringing or finding a way how to deal with it better has lead me down some pretty alternative roads.

Being curious can lead to success, right?

I just don´t want to leave a stone unturned, I want to make sure I have tried everything possible to improve my situation and to enjoy live again.

A dear friend told me about a Shamen she had gone to and how he had helped her, curing her from a weird intergrowth on her foot.

Not really believing in it but being curious, I said that I wanted to try it. Who knows, maybe in the end I would be able to say that a Peruvian Shamen healed my tinnitus. I just didn´t want to miss out on an opportunity.

The Shamen

The first two times we went, he didn´t show up. I stared to wonder if it was a sign that I shouldn´t go. But my friend said, that he was just super busy and sometimes just forgets, as he is Peruvian.

Well, the third time we went he was there. No, let me rephrase that. The third time we went, he came to „his office“ after an hour of waiting. „His office“ because it is basically his house, where he reserved a room to welcome his patients. It is a big door on the street, you go in and set foot into a backyard. Here are several buildings, the house of his family, some small stables and a house for visitors. The room I went into to talk to him looked like it had been a stable and he decorated it differently, it was dark and had no windows, oh wait, it had one tiny window, but it didn´t really let the sunlight in.

I had exected a very spiritual person, you know the ones you see on pictures. They have long hair and wear these special clothes, but he was just a normal person. A farmer, comming home from some field work.

I felt like that I had forgotten my Spanish, I was super nervous. But that went by really quickly as he didn´t really talk to me. He asked for my coca leaves and candle which I had to bring. He liked my red candle, he said a red candle stands for love.

He held up the coco leaves with his hands and asked me to blow on them, after that he threw them on the table in front of him. He started reading the meaning of the leaves.

How he knows what stands for what, I don´t know. You don´t really ask questions during the reading, he just tells you what he sees.

He said, that I would live to a very old age and that my boyfriend really loves me. That his family is welcoming me with open arms and that I am a very kind, strong, stubborn and loving person. At that moment I didn´t feel strong at all, so I thought about my past and that I had been that person in the past. So hopefully I could become a strong person again.

He also said, that I would be working as a teacher a little while longer and that I would open my own school benefiting poor children. But that might just be his view of white people, it has never been in my plans to open a school.

As he didn´t say anything about my tinnitus I asked him about it. Without any further questions, he wrote down some plants, which he wanted me get and to bathe in.

Just a bunch of quacksalvers?!

I didn´t end up taking the bath, I just didn´t have the impression he knew what I was talking about and without understanding the cause of my tinnitus or how it works, I don´t think bathing in some flower and plant water helps getting rid of tinnitus.

And by the way, how can coca leaves tell him anything about me? He is probably just a very empathic person, nothing more.

At the end the question is how empathic he is? It turned out that my friends bump on ther leg wasn´t just nothing like he had told her. No, it was cancer.

She died this year in March. The Shamen never visited her, all the time she was in the hospital or at home recovering from surgery, he did not show interest. Even though she had been a faithful customer for years.

As you can imagine, my curiousity concerning this kind of alternative healing methods went down to cero. Lower than cero.  Maybe it is like my guy always says: „It´s just a bunch of quacksalvers.“


  1. Peter Fritz Walter August 14, 2017 at 2:08 am

    Wie ist Leben in Peru? Ich bin auch Deutscher und lebe in Phnom Penh, Kambodscha. Ich habe Ihren Pingback erhalten und werde ihn nun validieren. Hier ist mehr über mich:
    Hier sind meine Reviews der Murphy-Bücher:
    Besten Gruß aus Phnom Penh,
    Peter Fritz Walter

    1. magda August 14, 2017 at 2:50 am

      Vielen Dank Herr Walter! Und vielen Dank auch für die weiteren Links! Als ich das Buch erst kürzlich wieder gelesen habe, bin ich auf Ihre Seite gestoßen und fand es super interessant mehr über Joseph Murphy zu erfahren.
      Das Leben in Peru ist oft fordernd aber sehr schön und interessant. Als Deutsche kann man sich da schon manches von der offenen, warmen und nicht zurückhaltenden Art abschauen. Da ich in Cusco wohne, ist es Abends leider sehr früh dunkel und kalt. Da stelle ich mir Phnom Penh mit einem traumhaften Klima vor? Wie ist es dort zu leben?
      Die besten Grüße aus Peru,
      Magda Mailhamer

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