Eating Healthy for Tinnitus Relief

30 Days To Healhy Living

I have shared a lot about my recent diet adjustments with Arbonne.

tinnitus diet
pic by Kim Mellor

As I´m half way done I want to share with you why I am doing and how it´s done as well as what it has to do with tinnitus.

More and more I´m reading that tinnitus is connected to inflammation. First it started with the medical medium Anthony William, but now I keep finding more articles about that connection.

The medical medium says that the root cause of tinnitus is the Epstein Barr Virus that after a while is not traceable in blood work anymore but hides out in the organs. In stage four it then also affects the ears, causing tinnitus.

I have read other articles stating that it might be a consequence from chronic infections and inflammations in the head area.

As I have had the Epstein-Barr-Virus as well as chronic sinus infections and constantly inflammation showing up in my blood work…I thought this is something I wanted to look into.

The first thing I read about reducing or even ruling out chronic inflammations is an anti-inflammatory diet.

What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

  • Reducing or better even cutting out gluten, sugar and dairy products
  • Eating a lot of greens
  • Eating mostly fruit and vegetables
  • Eating salads, avocado and nuts
  • Adding a lot of Omega-3 and avoiding Omega-6
  • Adding a lot of curcuma, ginger, dandelion, garlic and oregano
  • Adding a lot of antioxidants like berries, papaya or blood oranges
  • Consuming a high dose of vitamin B12
  • Consuming at least 800 ml of Magnesium

For reducing an inflammation you have to support the immune system:

  • Drink nettle tea, liquorice root tea and lapacho tea

I have tried to do that on my own several times but I never pulled through, not even with the books from Anthony William.

Tinnitus and Diet
pic by Kim Mellor

Then I found Kim Mellor a coach / consultant with Arbonne, they offer a weekly shopping list, send you the supplements and have a weekly meal plan with recipes.

I loved the idea of getting all that and only having to follow the instructions, that made the whole thing a lot easier for me.

So now I am half way through and I just feel amazing.

How does it work?

Tinnitus and Diet
pic by Kim Mellor

I drink a protein shake in the morning that includes also fiber and green powder as well as a digestion helper.

To that shake I add frozen berries and spinach as well as avocado or banana or other greens or antioxidant foods.

The protein shake mix contains 20 grams of plant protein, vitamins, minerals, flax seeds and a unique Arbonne mixture to support your body. The amino acids in it support you and your muscles perfectly while only containing low sugar.

The fiber boost provides 48% of the recommended daily value of fiber (with just one scoop) so I don´t need to worry about getting enough fiber in anymore.

The green balance powder is a blend of different of fruits and vegetables providing you with antioxidants and phytonutrients, it equals ne serving of fruit and vegetables per scoop.

The digestion plus contains prebiotics, probiotics and plant-based enzymes to support a healthy digestion, by supporting gastrointestinal health, a proper digestion of dietary macronutrients and gastrointestinal balance.

Tinnitus and Diet
pic by Kim Mellor

So this shake isn´t only super healthy, it is so delicious that in the evening I´m already excited about waking up and having it for breakfast! Seriously, it has happened that I thought – ok, let´s go to bed because I want to wake up to this deliousness. But I always get super excited about also seems to take away my craving for sweets.

Then I have one or two fizz sticks, those are meant to boost your energy, they contain vitamins and botanicals. For example vitamin B, green tea, guarana and ginseng.

I also have one or two herbal detox teas per day, the botanicals in it support the liver and kidneys. It is important as the liver helps to fight free radicals.

Another detox / cleanse support is the 7-Day Body Cleanse, which I am having the first two days of each week. I mix the powder with water and have it throughout the day. It contains ingredients to flush out toxins from the body, supporting the liver as it is responsible for cleansing.

So that are the supplements I am taking. Now to the meals I am having.

As I said in the morning I have the shake, and that is enough – I´m full afterwards!

You don´t need to think and come up with healthy meal plans, but their philosophy is to cut out common allergens and non-healthy ingredients like

  • Wheat / gluten
  • Dairy
  • Refined sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Soy
  • Corn
30 Days To Healthy Eating
pic by Kim Mellor

The best part of me was, that they offer vegan meal plans that you get so much info about how to put the meals together and structure your day. They plan in the shake, 30 minutes of exercise every day, the supplements as well as lunch and dinner.

I also love that you get alternatives for the foods you should cut out and interesting info on nutrition as well as on healthy cooking and shopping.

They also help you to set goals and to see as well as to observe your progress by providing a booklet for writing all of that down. And the inspiration is amazing, my coach is always there for me and is just so motivational as are the 30 Days of Motivation coming with the program.

tinnitus diet
pic by Kim Mellor

Now you know how it works, but how do I feel and what effects have I noticed after being two weeks in the 30 Day Challenge.

In the first few days I almost got frustrated because I saw some bloating coming on, but it seemed like it cleaned out my guts. It was only for like the first three days and then I was able to let´s say release a lot and from then on I stomach felt absolutely amazing!

Lately I never got really hungry, I had cravings but I wasn´t like super hungry. Now I get super hungry and I can see how nutritious I support my body. Every single meal I have had was just so delicious, but filling at the same time.

They recommend not to snack, but I had a few snacks as that is also a habit I have had. The booklet also provides a lot of options for snacking.

For me it was so helpful to have a plan like that, I prepare all the meals on Sunday, so when I am hungry there is something there to eat…that way I´m never tempted to have something not according to the meal plan.

My skin already starts to clear up but otherwise it is mostly about how I feel in the body. I feel healthier and don´t carry that heavy and full feeling in my gut around anymore. I can´t even describe it but I feel like my liver and kidneys start to detoxify. That also feels amazing.

I feel like my gut is finally healing and I was looking for that.

On a side note, I don´t think I have peed so much in a long time, but peeing is good as it shows that you are cleansing. Plus I am sure I usually don´t hydrate that well.

The overall best part for me is to finally follow an anti-inflammatory diet completly and not to feel like I am missing out or that I am restricting myself. I feel amazing and want to keep going!

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