Ear Plugs to prevent further damage to the ears

Loud noises can affect our ears on so many levels. 
Most people know tinnitus as the sound that shows up after having been
to a concert. 
Loud noise can damage our hair cells – not important if it  is music or an ambulance. It depends on the decibel ( dB). 
It can depend on a lot of other factors too, depending on what hair cells
are affected, certain sounds might affect us worse and cause ear ache or
even flare ups. 
Quality of sound might be another factor to consider. 
No matter what it is, it is important to protect our ears from further
damage and from worsening the tinnitus.

It is all very individual and you need to find the right ear plugs for yourself and make sure if they work for you and the curcumstance you are using them for.

It is never recommended to wear ear plugs for too long. So if you are afraid to be exposed to too loud sounds, especially with sensitive ears and / or hyperacusis – it is still not good to wear them all day long. In doing that would make the ears only more sensitive as they are not used to the the normal volume of sound anymore. Use them only when necessary.

I have ear plugs with me all the time, so if I find myself in a situation requiring me using them – I can.

Watch the video for more info: