Ear Candles to heal tinnitus?

Have you heard about ear candles before?

Ear candles are basically hollow fabric sticks, which are covered with some sort of wax. They are more or less foot long and one end of them goes into your ear while you lite the other end.

It should be inserted into the ear in a way that no air can go in nor out where the candle goes into the ear. The warmth that is created through the burning candle is supposed to be good for the ear as well as cause a suction action, pulling everything up from your ear that clogs it as well as ear wax.

I wanted to try it because I had read that it can treat or heal:
  • Earaches
  • Sinus problems
  • Tinnitus
  • Vertigo
  • Stress symtoms
  • Tention
  • Hearing problems
  • Exessive ear wax
That made me curious.

It seems pretty easy to apply, as you just go out and buy yourself some ear candles. Once you have them, you lay down on your side. So one ear on side so that the other ear looks straight up. Then you lite the candle und with a slight circulating movement you place it into your ear. It should stick up straight. It is best if you have someone helping you, then you or this person can hold the candle during the hope process.

I had my boyfriend helping me. He also tore of the burnt parts so that they couldn´t hurt or burn me by falling on my face or neck.

My candles had a read line until where they could be burnt, but must have been about 3-4 inches down to the end.

I got the candle as a present, but they were bought at a normal spa and came with a description and also warning on what to avoid or what you should look out for.

It said to maybe cover your face a little or to be really careful to not get burned by ashes falling down. It also said, it would be best to talk off the burned parts as they could also fall into the ear and burn the ear on the inside or clog it.

Before using it I also researched on the internet and I have to say the results were super mixed! Some swore on ear candles and on their freeing or helpful results. Others were completely against and and talked about horror stories.

Then I found an article it said the America Academy of Audiology and other researchers found out that there was no scientific proof that ear candles helped. It even said, that some people had more ear wax as the candle wax had fallen into the ears. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had even warned to use ear candles as they could lead to serious injuries as burns and ear cannel injuries. They even listed a long list of possible consequences.

After reading such a long list and finding more pages of disadvantages, I wasn´t even sure anymore but I wanted to try it anyway.

So here my experience:

My boyfriend helped me and lit the candle, he then put it into my ear with a gentle circulating movement. And I have to say, it did not feel good. The outer parts of the candle hurt my inner ear and I wonderd if I could sand that for the whole time.

I could hear the candle burning and and I felt it comming warmer and warmer as the candle burnt down.

I was actually glad to have help as the candle would more or even fall every time I removed my hand.

It took about 15 minutes to burn down to the red line.

And then I still wanted to do the other side. Same procedure.

Durig the ear candeling I could hear my tinnitus a lot louder than normally, as I was laying on one ear and the other one was filled with the ear candle. As usually when my ears are covered, I can hear the tinnitus even louder as there are no outside noises to distract me.

The second one I didn´t even do to the end as I couldn´t stand the feeling any longer of having something in my ear.

So what´s the verdict?

No change what so ever!

There wasn´t really anything inside the candle that had gotten sucked up nor did my ears feel differently.

Tinnitus? Same as always.

So I guess the FDA is right to warn people to use it, I guess the chance of getting hurt is not worth it. It might also depend on what you are doing or what you suffer from. If you really have exessive ear wax, maybe it helps. And if the tinnitus comes from something covering the ear drum, maybe it could be removed.

But for me, having tinnitus from a sinus infection it didn´t do anything for me.

I wondered if it would be different when done professionally at a spa, but I doubt it.

It was an experience and as it wasn´t really expensive, it was ok to try.






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