Distract Yourself From Tinnitus

Everybody tells you to just ignore your tinnitus? And you wonder how that should be possible?

It was the same for me for the longes time. Maybe ingnoring is not the right time – but shifting your focus. Shift your focus onto another activit instead of worrying about your tinnitus and the possible consequenses. 

Keeping yourself occupied might be the easiest way to shift your attention away from your tinnitus. Here are some activites that might help you to be able to do so.

Physical Activity
  • do some sports
  • do yoga
  • go out for a walk
  • go swimming
  • go dancing
  • go on a hike
social activities
  • take a stroll in your city
  • get a coffee and watch people
  • go on a trip
  • prepare a good meal 
  • go to a good reastaurant
  • go to a party 
  • go to a movie or to the theater
  • go to the movies
  • invite friends over
  • go to a concert
  • have a nice chat with a friend
activities outside
  • watch the moon or stars
  • work in your yard
  • do yourself something good at nature
  • read a good book or a magazine
  • listen to musik
  • write a letter
  • think about something you want to do and invision it
  • get creative (draw, write, paint or what ever…)
  • watch TV or a series
  • take a bath
  • go to the sauna
  • start a new hobby
  • take a look at old fotos
  • learn something new – take a course
  • do something you love – what feels good
  • play a game
  • plan your next vacation
  • organize your papers
  • clean your appartment or house
  • get a massage
  • learn something new – like a new language

. . . and a lot more!

 do what you love and what feels good

It is basically about everything you love to do and not stop doing it because of your tinnitus. When you have the desire to go out to a club or to a concert, put in your ear protection and go. It would be a good idea to not stand right next to the speakers, but you don´t have to stop doing what you love. 

Having tinnitus isn´t about changing your whole life, it is about finding what you love and what does you some good and then do more of it. 

The best thing is to shift your attention away from your tinnitus to an activity. We are noticing our tinnitus that much, because we give it more attention than any other activity, so our brain notes that it has to be observed and we focus on it more and more….

Now we can´t enjoy any activity as our thought cycle and cycle around our tinnitus all the time. So no it is time to shift that focus on something. Do what you do with your full attention. Be in the moment and do what you are doing fully. When you are listening to music, listen to music and don´t try to check if your tinnitus is louder. Listen to how the music makes you feel and to the lyrics. What does the music to to you? Then you won´t even think about checking if you still can hear your tinnitus. 

If you go to the movie. Don´t let your thoughts drift of to how your life is worth less due to your ear ringing – no, dive into the story on the screen. Can you feel how the people of the story feel? Dive into that story and forget your own story for the next hour . . . 

You get the picture?!

It is about being in the present moment and just concentrating on what you are doing right in that moment. To feel it with your whole body. 

Give it a try and you´ll see for that period of time you will forget that your tinnitus is there!

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