Dance, Baby Dance your tinnitus troubles away

To find tinnitus relief most people will tell you to do things that calm you down, to meditate, to relax your muscles and so on….

But not only classical relaxing technics can be helpful for your ear ringing. Just like everything it depends on what you like!

Do you like dancing? 

I mean, most people like dancing when going out. In club or bar people group together with their friends and then eventually one starts dancing and others follow. As the night gehts later more and more people dance.

But have you ever danced alone at home?

In movies you see all the time performers, whose characters dance around in their house like crazy. When they are doing it, they look like they are having fun and feel good about themselves. Like pure enjoyment and fun.

I listen to music of course, but usually I just nod my head and possibly sing along. Maybe I move around a little bit, but not like I´m loosing myself in the music or really feel it.  It´s all very controlled and while I cook, clean or work or…or…or…I hardly ever just LISTEN.

Why do we like to dance?

When I am out I love to dance (to music I like). But why actually? It´s not like I am the best dancer, who has great moves, nor do I have a great sense for rhythm.

The other day I thought that I miss going out and I tried to think about why. I came to the conclusion that I miss dancing. A lot!

Buy why?

Thinking about it a little while longer I realized that when I dance, I forget everything….I for once let go and loose myself in the tunes. I don´t just hear the music, I feel it. And I don´t plan how I am going to dance, I just move how I feel and how my body wants to move. It just happens. I feel free. I feel happy and just live the moment. There is just music in my and and nothing more.

That usually never happens, not even when I do yoga or meditate (I probably need more practice). Only, why should I wait around for that moment when I have practiced enough to be able to let go. Let go of my thoughts circling around in my head.

Dance, Baby!

So if dancing has soooooo many beneficial effects, why not dance more?

Going out a lot of times doesn´t feel that great because of my T….so why wait for that opportunity to come around?!

Just dance at home!

I tried it – the first few times it was a little stiff because I felt super weird. It just didn´t really flow. There was nobody else who could have seen me, so why hold myself back?!

There is no reason! And I really enjoy it now! I dance in my office at home, especially when I don´t feel well or when I feel more tense as I usually do. It really helps me to get into a better mood immediately AND to feel relaxed as well as calm.  And I even started to put on more and more danceable music when I do housework…so I dance around the kitchen when cleaning, wasing the dishes or when I am cooking. It does not only help me to feel better, but housework (which I detest) isn´t causing me as much stress – hell, it has become fun!

Make your life fun again!

Soooooooo, DANCE!!!


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